Dysport Videos

Facial Proportions with Golden Ratio Measurements

Dr. Gerald Pierone, Jr. explains the importance of using the Golden Caliper to understand a patients' facial proportions. VIEW NOW


Keeping Your Face and Skin Looking Young and Fresh

Dr. Rednam discusses her four tier approach to skin care and facial rejuvenation starting with topical care to botox and fillers to surgical treatment. VIEW NOW

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Non-Surgical Treatment to Restore Forehead and Brow Volume

Volumetric forehead reflation with filler can be an excellent way to smooth forehead wrinkles and lift the brow for patients who have heavy, hooded brows that drop with Botox. VIEW NOW

Full Face Rejuvenation Procedure

The L Lift: A functional approach to patient rejuvenation by Dr. Zaki. The main focus is to restore volume she once had, giving her a more rested and youthful look. VIEW NOW

Botox Treatment for Hyperhidrosis

Botox is quick, safe and effective treatment for underarm sweating and will prevent sweating for both men and women and will save your silk blouses in the summer. No more yellow stains VIEW NOW

Botox Treatment for Chin Wrinkles

If you are bothered by the wrinkles on your chin , there is a quick and easy solution for you. It takes less than one minute to do. Consultation is required and individual results vary. VIEW NOW

Bunny Lines Treatment With Botox or Dysport

Injection was performed using Botox/Dysport. The amount of product needed to inject varies from person to person. Bunny lines are lines present across the nose. Consultation is required and individual results will vary. VIEW NOW

Treating Crow's Feet With Botox

Watch Botox/Dysport treatment of Crow's feet ( area around the eyes). The number of injections vary from person to person and also depend on the desired look you are trying to achieve. Consultation is always required VIEW NOW

Dermal Fillers for a Non-Surgical Browlift

What if the solution to your brow concerns wasn't Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, or a browlift? Dr. Chasin explains how volume loss in the forehead is easily corrected with added volume from fillers or fat transfer. VIEW NOW

Treating Under Arm Sweating With Xeomin or Botox

33 year old women is using Xeomin for hyperhidrosis. This treatment can also be done using Botox or Dysport. VIEW NOW

Dysport for Improving "11" Lines and Forehead Wrinkles

To soften the face and lift the brows I inject Dysport which is an alternative to Botox or Xeomin into the forehead, in between the eyebrows (the 11's) and at the sides of the eyes to prevent contraction to stop fine lines and wrinkles. VIEW NOW

Botox and Filler to Improve Lines Around the Mouth

Improvement of lines around the mouth with Botox and Dermal Fillers VIEW NOW

Botox to Improve Lines

Full Face Botox and Line Improvement VIEW NOW

Full Facial Wrinkle Treatment With Botox

This patient receives Botox on multiple areas of her face to eliminate wrinkles in her forehead, around her eyes, and around her mouth. VIEW NOW

How to Decide if Boxox, Dysport or Xeomin is Right for You

There are three types of commercially available neurotoxins. Dr. Myint discusses the advantages and disadvantages of these three. Stay tuned... VIEW NOW