Possible Causes of Headaches and Swelling after Botox Treatment

New York Oculoplastic surgeon Amiya Prasad, MD reviews a lady's concern about a headache and swelling near her eyes after Botox treatment, explaining the nerves that may be irritated causing spasm and pain, fluid causing swelling, and to avoid them. VIEW NOW

Why Experience in an Injectable Filler Provider is Important

Doctor Schlessinger discusses why you have to beware of cheap botox and the importance of finding a Doctor with quality experience and proven results. VIEW NOW

How Inadequate Chin Dimpling Treatment can Result in a Remaining Dimple

New York Oculoplastic surgeon Amiya Prasad, MD reviews a lady's concern about a dimple appearing in her chin when she frowns after she had Botox® and filler treatment, explaining inadequate Botox in the treatment can result in residual dimpling VIEW NOW

What it's Like to get Restylane Filler and Sculptra (Patient Experience)

Deirdre invites us into her real follow up & treatment with Dr. Jennifer Reichel, a board-certified dermatologic surgeon. Sculptra typically treats the outside of the face temples, lower face so this treatment will include Restylane Defyne to cheeks. VIEW NOW

Sculptra for Face Treatment & Recovery (Patient Experience)

Deirdre is having a series of three Sculptra treatments to restore her youthful look. She shares what the second treatment was like, the differences in recovery and healing and why she is happy, so far, with her treatment. VIEW NOW

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How Filler Treatments can Help Maintain a Youthful Appearance

Learn what happens as your face ages and how Dysport and Filler can help you maintain a youthful appearance. VIEW NOW

How Long You Have to Wait for Botox Results

New York Oculoplastic surgeon Amiya Prasad, MD reviews a lady's question about Botox® in her forehead 5 days prior left her "Spock-like" appearance, explaining Botox® effects take about 3 days to appear, but peak effects appear 2 weeks after. VIEW NOW

Correcting an Uneven Smile and Exposed Teeth

New York Oculoplastic surgeon Amiya Prasad, MD reviews a lady's concern of exposing her bottom teeth on one side when smiling, explaining the possible treatments of Botox to balance muscles used to smile, and filler to improve lip volume balance. VIEW NOW

Treating Frown Lines with Dysport

Dr. Marcovici erases the frown lines using Dysport. Botox/Xeomin/Dysport can be used also for excessive sweating or turkey neck band with great success. VIEW NOW

Wrinkle Blocking With Botox, Xeomin or Dysport

Wrinkle blocking with neuromodulators like Xeomin, Dysport, and Botox work fantastic for wrinkles and other concerns (e.g., hyperhidrosis). These can be comfortably placed to help our faces look more appealing, welcoming, and relaxed. VIEW NOW

Botox Improves Gummy Smile

Botox can also be used for improving "Gummy Smile" . more beautiful smile with Botox, not letting gums visible when you smile. It also helps to improve the lip horizontal line and lower face by relaxing the muscles. VIEW NOW

Botox for Frown and Forehead Lines in Men

Botox is a preventive treatment to avoid lines and wrinkles in face. It works for men similarly as it does for women. The required units of Botox may vary per each individual. Botox relaxes the muscles starting 3rd-5th day after injection. VIEW NOW

Botox to Treat TMJ Syndrome and Add Facial Slimming

TMJ syndrome can cause significant pain and discomfort. Some patients also desire a slimmer facial appearance, which botulinum can achieve by relaxing the masseter muscle giving a less bulky look. Shown is the technique Dr. John Burroughs uses. VIEW NOW

Treating Facial Volume Loss with Fillers

Dr. Jennifer Reichel, a board-certified dermatologic surgeon in Seattle & Renton, WA treats Jeffrey's volume loss with Radiesse. Treatment takes just a few minutes and lasts six to nine months. Other fillers like Restylane and Juvederm available. VIEW NOW

Consultation for First Filler Treatment

Dr. Jennifer Reichel, board-certified dermatologic surgeon spends time with Jeffrey talking about filler. It's important to spend time with together to ensure we understand what bothers the patient and, from our aesthetic training, where we can help VIEW NOW