Headache + Dysport

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Dysport Headache - How Long Will It Last?

I had Dysport in my forehead and around my eyes 5 days ago. I have felt terrible ever since. I feel really really weak in my head and have a constant... READ MORE

How Often Does Dysport Cause Headache Pain?

Are there any other side effects that one should expect? READ MORE

Can I Have a Reaction to Dysport but Not to Botox?

I had used Botox (amazing response) for a short while then changed to Dysport. I had some reaction to the Dysport..severe headache and neck ache... READ MORE

1 Month Post Dysport in Forehead, Both Eyes Extreme Sagging; Experiencing Headaches and Blurred Vision. What Can I Do? (photo)

I received dysport on March 20th in my forehead only. My glabella area was not treated. I was told I was given a total of 39 units. I woke up the next... READ MORE

What to Do for Severe Headache After Dysport Injection & Brow Pexy Surgery?

Had Dysport injection to forehead above brow & between brow a week before upper bleph & brow pexy surgery. This was my first time to have any... READ MORE

Painful Red Bump at Forehead Injection Site? (photo)

I was injected Mon night & had a severe forehead headache Weds & Thurs that felt like intense pressure on my forehead.I noticed what was a... READ MORE

Dysport Reaction?

Two days after dysport had flu symptoms: fatigue, headache, nausea, weakness. The headache lasted for two weeks. I had a severe dizzy spell, and lost... READ MORE

If Botox Injections Tend to Result In Severe Headaches, Would Dysport Be a Better Option?

Which filler has the least side effects? Is there any way to prevent the headache from occurring? READ MORE

How can I correct a heavy brow after Dysport? How long will it take for relief? Suggestions? Fillers? Surgery?

I was injected with dysport into my forehead and brow.I asked to have my movement remain, just to soften the lines. In 1 week my right brow was... READ MORE

Can Dysport cause headaches and tingling sensation in head and arm also horrible dark eye bags?

Im 30 and received dysport for the first time have had botox once 5 months prior. So two months ago I received dysport and two weeks later woke up... READ MORE

Why did dysport make me sick?

So I asked a question a few months back about my Dysport wearing off so quickly. This would have been my fourth time getting Dysport , I asked to do a... READ MORE

5 weeks post op, will this lump from Dysport resolve by itself? (photos)

Had Dysport between brows & forehead 5 weeks ago. At 2 weeks a lump appeared on left eyebrow. It goes above the eyebrow and hangs down under the... READ MORE

Can Dysport cause a sinus infection behind the eye?

I had eyelid ptosos after having Dysport. It has since resolved, but I have had what I thought was migraine headaches behind that eye. My doctor... READ MORE

Can you get a rash from Dysport? (Photo)

I received Dysport yesterday for the first time. Last night I experienced flu like symptoms, headache and nausea. Now a mild fever and rash. I have... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Alleviate the Headaches Caused by Dysport Injections?

I'm approx. 48 hours post injection and the headache isn't lightening up, it seems to be getting worse. I've got pretty severe pain in the forehead... READ MORE

Question about Dysport side effects, how long will they last?

I had Dysport about 1.5 weeks ago. Have had some headaches and dizziness for the last week. Headache is more prevalent. Feels like a skull cap and... READ MORE

Sore throat, upper gi symptoms and extreme tiredness along with itching and chills after Dysport. Any suggestions?

This is week four after forehead injections.  I was given Dysport around orbital bone(both eyes) and three forhead.  I had a really massive... READ MORE

Is it okay to have 55 units of Botox then 4 weeks later have 50 units of dysport?

Two days after having the injections I am experiencing, fever, headaches, aching neck and coughing loss of appetite for 5 days and very sleepy.? I'm... READ MORE

Can you receive an overdose of Dysport?

I received Dysport by an esthetician and i've never had more than 120 units but she said if I wanted it in my crows feet area as well as between my... READ MORE

Dysport injection disfiguring left eye! hurts to read massive headache. How can this be fixed?

Face destroyed eye dropped over one year after shot of dysport at shops of legacy . Hurts and impairs vision. I look disfigured on one side of face!... READ MORE

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