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The Metal Screw Covering my New Implant Fell off and I Am on Holiday, What Should I Do?

Did 2 implant procedures 3 weeks ago and one of them fell off yesterday, just the screw covering the hole. I am on holiday and don't cpome back for 2... READ MORE

Dental Implant Question After Uncovering?

I have implants in teeth 6,7,10,11. I got the implanta uncovered recently. When my Dr uncovered them he put a flat topped screw on and tightened to... READ MORE

The Screw Head of the Dental Implant Broke Off. Is This Common? How Difficult to Fix?

My husband is in the process of getting a dental implant. Each step has presented problems. The last part of the procedure that he had done involved... READ MORE

The Screw in my Dental Implant Has Broken Twice, What's Causing This?

What might be causing this? My dentist and oral surgeon were able to get the first screw out and replace it and now a few years later it has happened... READ MORE

Is there anything I should do to protect the area where my dental screw has fallen out? Is it safe to eat regular food?

I had screws placed into my lower jaw for two dental implants in March 2014 and do not have the crowns yet. This evening (Saturday, July 12, 2014),... READ MORE

Four Broken Screws (All-on-6 Implants) - Do I Have to Pay for the Removal/replacements?

My all-on-6 bridge i got not even 3 years ago became very loose - country: thailand. my dentist found four(!) broken screw heads which he was able to... READ MORE

Getting a tooth implant, tooth has not placed but screw has fallen out twice. Prognosis for succesful implant?

I am getting a tooth implant, tooth has not been placed but screw has fallen out twice. Supposedly there was a bone graft because of bone loss, but... READ MORE

Are the Broken Screws my Fault or is This a Flaw in Their Work? (photo)

It took 3 years to finish getting new implants in my lower jaw supporting complete lower denture and (no implant) upper denture. They couldn't get the... READ MORE

Anutment screw has fallen out a month after it was inserted. What should I do?

I just got my first step for my tooth implant they insert it Anutment screw last month and felt what should i do... I got follow up next week why this... READ MORE

Anaesthetic to Remove Broken Dental Implant Abutment Screw?

Is it usual to be given a local anaesthetic to attempt to remove a broken dental implant abutment screw? Is it anticipated that there will be the... READ MORE

Does anyone know about new dental implants that you only have to wait 2-3 weeks to have a crown?

I have been offered an option of doing a Zimmer trabecular metal screw, with a crown after 2 weeks. I'm a good candidate, healthy, uncomplicated... READ MORE

Best Way Forward?

All on 4 implants placed in maxilla (7 years) and prosthesis has fractured twice and cracked 3 times necessitating the construction of another one.... READ MORE

What is better & safer - implanting screw or braces - to straighten the second molars?

I am 16 year old. my upper second molars are not coming out straight in ideal way, instead they tilted or inclined. i have been recommended to go for... READ MORE

I have my own custom made dentures. Am trying to find a price range for the titanium screw implants?

I am only 53 yrs old and live in Mount Airy, NC. I lost all my teeth due to a pin left in after a root canal at age 27. 5 yrs later I awoke with my... READ MORE

Dental Implants 7 Years Ago?

Had dental implant 7 years ago. clinician broke implant head trying to remove fractured screw. wont admit to it saying may have happened but didn't... READ MORE

Which implant method is better, the "tap in" or the "screw in"? Are the different way to install abutment for each method?

My implant doctor did three "tap in" implants for me in the past 8 years.  I felt very happy for each result.  I need another implant... READ MORE

What can I do to avoid the complications that I am having with my tooth implant?

I have had the screw come loose twice, and the screw break twice resulting in 4 separate visits to the Dr. over a two year period. The implanted tooth... READ MORE

Molar Implant screw coming thorough gums,...very very scared..Can you please help me ? (photos)

My molar implant is 12 years old and now the gums are gone and screw is out. The crowns are ONE. Now, I can see a thin metal screw on the side of the... READ MORE

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