Headache + Dental Implants

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How Painful is It to Get Dental Implants?

Do most patients use narcotics to manage the pain, or is Advil and Tylenol enough? Do some people get headaches after the procedure? How often? READ MORE

Allergic to implant material?

I had an implant on my lower jaw but the upper molar start to hurt. The implant was done five years ago. I had mouth guard made but was not helpful. I... READ MORE

Should I insist the oral surgeon take out the implant?

Implant put in around 9 months ago. 5 months ago a crown was put in. Suffering ever since with tinnitus, pus around the implant, declining... READ MORE

Can a problem with dental implant go undetected with X-rays? Could issues with implant cause chronic sore throat and headache?

About ten years ago I received a titanium implant for my front tooth. The tooth was extremely infected after a failed apicoectomy years prior. The... READ MORE

After having stem cell bone graft implant how long does it take to stop hurting a gum to look normal? (Photos)

10 days ago I had stem cell bone graft an implant I fainted after surgery an have felt horrible ever since I have a headache an the implant area is... READ MORE

Which is required for a mouth full of broken molars: Implant, crown?

Quad 1 have #8 broken half #7 #6 half broke completely broke still root in gums. Quad 2 #8 half broke #7 completely broke with root intact . Quad 3 #8... READ MORE

How can I get my jaw back to its original position after my teeth were filed down; now causing TMJ problems?

I have periodontal disease, gum recedes with one of upper front teeth moving- class 2 and one and the gum specialist decided to fix the problem by... READ MORE

Fastest way to fix a raised canine tooth other than braces?

I have a raised canine tooth which started to cause me daily headaches. I am worried about braces because one i have asthma and cannot keep up with... READ MORE

Is it possible to have sinus headaches from implant's microgap infection? (photos)

Inflammation around implant (#15) excruciating pain in my scull with left nostril discharge first light and clear then heavy, beige or pink . Take... READ MORE

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