Apicoectomy + Dental Implants

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Apicoectomy Stitches Left a Flap Of Gum

I had an apicoectomy 2 weeks ago and the endodontist put soluble stitches. I brushed my teeth gently but my front stitches have gone and I noticed the... READ MORE

Apico or Implant for a Top Front Tooth with a Failed Abcess? I Can't Go Toothless!

My Endo said that not only does he want to do an apico on my top front tooth, but he said that doing the apico will disrupt bloodflow to the... READ MORE

Swelling after apicoectomy?

I had apicoectomy for 5 and root canals for my 6 front teeth. It took almost a week for the swelling to go away. But I can feel there is little... READ MORE

Would root surgery, e.g. apicoectomy make affect future dental implant?? (photos)

I may need to do a root surgery cos root canal has failed and there is a metal post in the tooth, which I understand make it hard to redo a root canal... READ MORE

Apicoectomy and gum recession around bridge crowns. Should I still be in pain? (Photo)

Got one week api and my gum looks grey and is not existing anymore around my bridge.like it is eaten away or scrubbed away. i am still in pain.... READ MORE

Is a dental implant possible following a failed apicoectomy? / Failed apicoectomy options?

I am considering an apicoectomy on my mandibular central incisor, due to a failed root canal and abscess. I'd like to understand what would happen if... READ MORE

Apicoectomy or implant?

One of my 2 front teeth has had root canal many years ago. The tooth is now gradually lengthening and I was told if I did not have a apicoectomy I... READ MORE

Apicoectonmy or Extract for Implant? Other solutions?

I'd like to keep my tooth for as long as possible (although they had been root canaled for 10 years). The tooth is slightly wobbly now -- not yet... READ MORE

Will Apicoectomy be successful if root canal treatment is not possible? (photos)

I have an abscess on tooth #30, few dentists have tried root canal treatment but all have failed - they say my tooth's root canals are not accessible.... READ MORE

Extraction/implant after apicoectomy? (Photo)

I'm a 37 yo F, no PMH except for orthodontia as a child. I'm POD 21 from a apicoectomy following 2 failed root canals by an Endodontist on tooth #6.... READ MORE

Do I need implant? Is the tooth infected again, after 3 apicoectomy? Because I feel something weird there. (photo)

I've had 3 apicoectomy on the tooth#7. The 1st apico due to an infection and a cyst at the tip after years of root canal. The endodontist cleaned the... READ MORE

Will having an apicoectomy affect my long term dental eligibility for implants/lab grown teeth? Sorry if optimistic (Photo)

I had a root canal done on tooth #10 a year ago. Recently the infection reactivated and has been affecting my health negatively. I have two other... READ MORE

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