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Do Cosmetic Teeth Smell and Taste Like Metal ?

I had the replacement of ( upper whole set )teeth with (metal ) cosmetic 5years ago. Now,I hv very minimal leakage from gums where it is attached and... READ MORE

I had a crown put on a few months ago and now when I eat it feels like its going to come off. Any suggestions?

I had a crown put on a few months ago and now when i eat it feels like its going to come off, as well when i floss or when i chew gum and it smells... READ MORE

Painful Gums with Bad Smell around one Loose tooth with root canal / crown - Is this an emergency?

I got a root canal years ago. Earlier this year the crown came off and my dentist reattached it successfully. For the past few weeks I have felt... READ MORE

Problems with bridge and bad smell? (Photos)

Had 5 bridge unit put on left side of mouth. The right has a 3 unit and along with 3 crowns. The right I have no issues. The left smells and tastes... READ MORE

How long before tooth decay is removed from an old crown for it not to smell bad like it did before?

I had a crown placed on one of my teeth about 5 yrs ago and just recently I've been having pain and a foul order that makes me very uncomfortable... READ MORE

5 wks ago I had a crown changed on my upper front tooth which has RCT.Gums are now tender and there is a bad taste and smell.

The crown was changed because of gum recession.I have consulted more than one dentist and seems from x ray and probing that there is a gap between... READ MORE

Crown has foul smell

Dentist checked no X-ray said crown is fine Do I need to get second opinion? READ MORE

Bad smell from crowned tooth. What can I do?

In 2012, I had a root canal on tooth #6 but never placed a crown on it. In 2015 that tooth cracked and left a little tooth just under the gum line.... READ MORE

Old crowns and bridges smell bad. How can I replace them?

How can you replace 15 year old caps and bridges? One front crown leaks and stinks terribly, and it feels like one lower bridge is loosening. My old... READ MORE

One of my Emax crowns that was temporarily fixed fell out with a horrible smell! Should I be concerned? (Photo)

I had 3 e max crowns fixed temporarily so we can re length them later after I remove my lower braces. I smelled no bad odor before it fell out but... READ MORE

Should I crown a tooth full of cavity with old root canal?

I have a tooth that it's full of cavity. that was root canal long ago. One doctor says she can crown it but another doctor says there is no use of... READ MORE

Bad smell around crown, best suitable treatment option?

Their was an rct performed in two of my incisor teeth 3 year back. from last 6 months i m suffering from smell problem around the crown. some time... READ MORE

Smell on floss around dental crown?

I recently had a new crown on front tooth.I had it on only with temporary cement.I noticed a strong smell on the floss flossing around it after only a... READ MORE

My crown has fallen out with part of the tooth and now I'm in pain. What should I do?

My crown had a small gap between crown and gum. The gum felt swollen and there was a bad taste in my mouth and i had (still have) a red and sore... READ MORE

Uncleaned tooth under the crown

Could the decay happened under a good sealed crown? because a doctor re-fix my crown (that fallen form 15 day) without cleaning it, he just bump some... READ MORE

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