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Hole in upper right molar -- Does my tooth need to be removed? (photo)

A piece of my upper right rear molar fell out yesterday. My dentist told me that the only options were removal (and no replacement) or removal with an... READ MORE

Why won't a crown treat a tooth cracked below the gumline?

I have a cracked tooth.  I don't know how badly the tooth is cracked.  I went for my crown the other day and when I tested the temporary... READ MORE

Extract or Crown 1st Molar: What Options Available? (photo)

My 1st lower left molar is fractured & has RCT. The tooth is being held by filling which is lower than the gumline. I experience intermittent gum... READ MORE

I am 20 years old, uninsured and I need a root canal on a molar. What are the pros and cons of a root canal vs. extraction?

I am in need of a root canal on a molar and I know that dentists usually opt to save the tooth when possible but as a 20 year old without insurance it... READ MORE

I Had a Tooth Crown Removed - It Started to Bleed. I Was Told the Tooth Needs to Be Extracted. Is This Necessary?

The tooth had a root canal couple years ago. I was told bleeding is not normal. I was also told that tooth fracture is possible but the dentist is not... READ MORE

Will Temporary Crowns Affect the Shape of my Gums?

I had extracted a tooth by a periodontist. I then had some bone grafting done so that I can get an implant in the future. I then went to my dentist... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Numbness and Tingling to Start 2 Weeks After Getting a Lower Wisdom Tooth Extracted?

I had my bottom left wisdom tooth pulled about 2 weeks ago. Last night I started to feel a slight numbness in my lower cheek. No pain but it's there... READ MORE

Previous root canal tooth broke in half and now in the front. I'm so scared they won't be able to crown it (Photo)

I had a root canal done a couple of years ago on this tooth and I was told a full crown wasn't needed since it was in the front. So I never went back... READ MORE

Should I get a dental implant or try post and crown?

My back upper molar (#2) had root canal 12 years ago. Crown came off 2 years ago and was cemented back on. Came off again one month ago. There is very... READ MORE

I have a very sore spot on my gums above an existing crown. How can this ongoing issue be resolved?

I was having a lot of pain on gums between crown on last molar&wisdom tooth. Given antibiotics for infection-pain went for a week.Dentist then removed... READ MORE

Should I have a root canal tooth that's giving me problems extracted?

I had a root canal done on my upper left molar #14 tooth Sept. 2012 by an endodonist. Recently, the tooth has been bothering me on and off with some... READ MORE

Six front crowns fitted, to big, long & bulky, they stick out & sit on my bottom lip, also push my lips out at the sides.(photo)

My temps were made from a mould of my original teeth so the crowns were made from a mould of the teeth that my dentist prepared. I had 2 teeth... READ MORE

I Have a Perforated Root (Crown) - What Are my Options? (photo)

Is this fixable or is extraction necessary? If so, can I get an implant or only a bridge? READ MORE

Replacement of Both Root Canal and Crown As a Result of an Adjacent Tooth Extraction?

An infection developed under my left molar and the dentist decided to remove the tooth. During the difficult extraction, the dentist also removed the... READ MORE

Maryland bridge could be a good option for missing tooth?

My tooth was extracted and now the doctor is saying, not enough bone available, so implant can not be done. Options are bridge, sinus lift and bracing... READ MORE

Root canal and crown or tooth extraction? (Photo)

Hello, I went to the dentist a few days ago and was told I needed a root canal with crown done for my bottom left molar. It is the first molar towards... READ MORE

Is it unreasonable to request that he replace the crown free of charge and Is his suggested fix a good plan? (Photo)

I had a wisdom tooth on the lower ride side extracted today - second molar? The first molar is a metal alloy crown fused to porcelain, which is around... READ MORE

Is the dentist I'm seeing overcharging me? (photo)

Unfortunately, I'm going to need a lot of work done (approx. $3,464 in total). I didn't qualify for credit care and i'm paying out of pocket for... READ MORE

Missing Canine?

When i was still young my doctor extracted my (r) canine because he thought it was a temporary one, but as the years rolled by, no canine appeared... READ MORE

I have a crown on my front tooth which is loose. My tooth is fractured. Can the fracture not be repaired?

I have a crown on a post on front tooth which is loose. Dentist says tooth fractured so will need extracting and implant put in. Can the fracture not... READ MORE

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