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Why Do Crowns Break?

How soon should a crown be repaired before other factors, like decay or further things become an issue? READ MORE

Hurts when I bite down still after having a crown placed. PLEASE HELP

I recently had a crown placed on one of my back teeth, I had to done 3 days ago and still to this day it hurts when I bite down on my tooth? Is this... READ MORE

Crown on Two Front Teeth

I had veneers on two front teeth. One tooth had root canal and the tooth (dead one) broke. He put on a crown a couple of times which came loose. If... READ MORE

Bite Problems After Cosmetic Crowns

I've been to two top cosmetic dentists in the nation to get crowns, and they cannot get my bite right. What is an expert/specialist on bites... READ MORE

how many times should i let my dentist "adjust" my teeth?

I had a crown replaced on #14 in August. No pain, no adjusting necessary. She did notice an old crown on 13 was cracked and said it would probably... READ MORE

Bad Crown Fitting. What Are My Options From Here?

When my dentist fit my crown the bite was off. Lo and behold it did not fit. When he fit it he took off all the 'point' and left a hole in the crown.... READ MORE

Why is It So Difficult to Get my Bite Right?

On right side, I am having a 3 crown bridge and 2 side crowns replaced, yet after 6 fittings, my bite is not right. The back teeth hit in wrong place... READ MORE

Do I need Root Canal after Cavity filling?

I just recently for cavity filling done. My dentist initially said I may need root canal, but she did cavity filling instead. Last week when I went to... READ MORE

My bite is not high after two adjustments but my tooth is very sensitive to touch/bite! To Crown or not to Crown?

I had a hole in my old amalgam fillings, so my dentist removed those and filled my tooth with composite. Before the filling I had no pain whatsoever.... READ MORE

What is happening? I am tired of going back and still having pain. Should I see another dentist?

I had a root canal done on my bottom left molar. I was then prepped for crown which left me in discomfort for 2 weeks because of the amount of cement... READ MORE

Why am I still having occasional pain after root canal and crown?

I had an old crown removed and told I needed a root canal because of decay. I had root canal in November and two weeks later a néw crown. I had the ... READ MORE

Lab tech does not want to work with me any longer and dentist refunded money! Any advice? (Photo)

I've posted twice previously on the problems encountered with my 2 front teeth being crowned. The main problem with the lab tech insisting the teeth... READ MORE

Why does my tooth feel uncomfortable 3 weeks after crown placement?

I got a crown placed about three weeks ago. I can chew soft things just fine but anything crunchy or chewy causes a weird feeling, like pushing on a... READ MORE

Can jaw joint dislocation fix itself once teeth are back into alignment?Cartilage may be out of place due to malocclusion(photo)

I've been told I need an MRI scan to confirm whether my jaw joint cartilage is out of place. I believe it is and I believe this has been caused from... READ MORE

Should I just get my crown replaced?

Crown on upper side (second to the last tooth) was replaced and too high. Dentist made some adjustments twice and now my bottom front teeth are... READ MORE

Can my bite be put back where it was after receiving new front crowns on 5 teeth? It has changed my tooth size and shape (Photo)

I do not like my new crowns at all because my bite comes outward which has changed the dynamic of my smile. My teeth look completely different to me... READ MORE

Root canal treatment, how long must the biting pain last?

Doc how long is a few months? I had my RCT in February, now the year is ending but whenever i bite using the worked on tooth, i still get that sharp... READ MORE

Should I be biting on my Crown?

Last year I went in after a had a tooth crack then dentist found alot of decay but he didn't think it was down to the root so he did a clean up and a... READ MORE

Fronth crown tooth doesn't fit properly. (photos)

I am very upset. A year back I got my zirconia crown done on my front tooth on my left side. Since that day it is irritating me. It looks bulky and... READ MORE

Temporary Provisional Crown won't come off even though it has NOT been cemented. Is this normal?

I had a PROVISIONAL temporary crown placed on my tooth and the Dentist corrected my bite. When the Dentist wanted to remove this crown to fill it with... READ MORE

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