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Gap Between Two Front Teeth?

I have a gap in between my two front teeth it is about 2mm wide. How much would it cost to fill using cosmetic dental bonding? Also I am only 16 years... READ MORE

Front tooth gray after root canal. Bonding or veneer?

My daughter had a trampoline accident and in the process killed her front tooth. It is gray at the top and noticeable. she is currently wearing braces... READ MORE

How can I affordably correct the 1mm gap between my two front teeth?

I was wondering how to fix it without using braces. I'm 15 and I just feel self conscious about it! Also, my gums are blocking the teeth from coming... READ MORE

Wisdom Teeth and Cosmetic Bonding?

I'm a 17 year old guy with a pretty small gap in the middle of my two front teeth. I want to get cosmetic bonding but my wisdom teeth haven't came in... READ MORE

My dental bondings keeps chipping away, now I have no bonding. What is a more permanent solution?

My front two teeth were bonded after a collision with a surf boat rowing oar five months ago (I now wear a mouthguard), since then I had them repaired... READ MORE

Is my gap too big to have Dental Bonding or Porcelain Veneers done? (photos)

Is my gap too big to have bonding/veneers done?My dentist said my front teeth would look too big and that having veneers done should be done at an... READ MORE

When Will my Teeth Fix? Age 14, Have Gaps and Would Like a Nicer Smile? (photo)

I'm 14 years old and I'm EXTREMELY insecure about my teeth. I hate them and I've always hated them (my teeth and white, it's bad lighting) I have good... READ MORE

Do you recommend bonding for my teeth? (Photo)

The teeth on either side of my two front teeth have always been shorter and look slightly chipped. Im fifteen, so I wasn't sure if it's better to wait... READ MORE

Teeth bonding for seventeen year old

My two front teeth have lost a lot of enamel. I cut down my caffeine intake to zero as of three months ago as I used to drink pop every single day.... READ MORE

I have a very small space in between my two teeths and I want to fill that gap. Can you suggest something useful?

My age is 17 and whenever i eat non veg something gets struck in between it n creates more gap with more problem what sould i do? READ MORE

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