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Can Damon Braces Fix Flaring Teeth and Overbite Without Extractions? (photo)

I had six month smiles done, and after they were taken off I realized my teeth flare forward. I can just barely close my lips now, I'm so unhappy... READ MORE

Correct Buck Teeth Without Extraction? Damon Braces?

I am 24 yrs old,looking for good braces to correct my buck teeth. Basically all my teeth are OK, except the two buck teeth in front. I went to see an... READ MORE

31 Years Old Asian Female with Buck Teeth -Concerns Damon Braces?

Recently,I decided to fix my buck teeth. My teeth are in fairly good shape (see figure). A little crowd but straight. The upper two front teeth are... READ MORE

Uneven Smile, Overbite & Cross Bite After Extraction and Braces. What Can Be Done to Correct This? (photo)

I wore braces for 4 years ( Damon II ) after extracting 4 teeth. Now I have pushed back teeth( whole jaw pushed further back causing a flat profile),... READ MORE

Are Bicuspid Extractions Necessary?

I just recently visited an orthodontist, and was told I have a full Class II malocclusion, narrow arches, crowding, a deep bite & a bidental... READ MORE

Would damon braces fix my overbite?

My orthodontist told me i'd need two perfectly healthy teeth extracted or double jaw surgery in order to correct my overbite. I won't accept my teeth... READ MORE

Is it necessary to extract four teeth to straighten my teeth? (photo)

I have a really small mouth and as a result severe overcrowding. My orthodontist has told me we need to extract four teeth for Damon braces, it's the... READ MORE

29 years old, Female, having overcrowding and crooked teeth. Any suggestions? (photos)

I just got my wisdom teeth surgery and extraction of 4 premolars to make space for braces. Just wondering how long will it take for the extraction... READ MORE

Do I absolutely need to remove lower incisor? Why does ortho prefer Invisalign when he says he can do same with damon? (photo)

I went in to the first orthodontist just wanting to work on my top teeth, but when he gave me the option of also fixing my lower teeth I gained... READ MORE

Crooked top arch and possible extractions. How would removing adult teeth then getting braces affect my jawline? (Photo)

I want to correct my asymectrical arch. Also, I have a failing 6 year old root canal ( pain and decay under crown ) and the tooth above it has decay... READ MORE

Damon system and extracting teeth? (Photo)

Im 26.. im using damon system braces, its been 5 months. and my dentist extract 4 teeth of mine. i feel the braces doesnt really work on me, i dont... READ MORE

Can Damon Braces fix an overbite, 4mm overjet and crowding WITHOUT tooth extractions?

I got traditional braces two weeks ago and I need to get 4 tooth extractions pretty soon. The first premolars on the top and the second premolars on... READ MORE

Two plans for orthodontic treatment. Which one will have a better result and fewer problems in the future? Thank you! (Photo)

1. damon system. 1.5 years. No extraction. I prefer this plan. However, the main concern about my teeth is overjet (seen first 2 photos). The first... READ MORE

Can extractions of 4 1st premolars and closing of the space with braces obstruct the nasal airway and lead to mouth breathing?

I presented w/ a Class 3 profile, -2 overjet, complete anterior crossbite, & minor-moderate crowding. My ortho used Damon braces & class 3... READ MORE

Will my orthodontist have to extract teeth to correct my teeth alignment and provide space? (Photo)

I've been wearing damon braces for about 2 months for mild to moderate crowding. My mouth is small as well. My front lower teeth are now flaring and... READ MORE

Pulling wisdom teeth for Damon Braces - should I do it?

A doctor recomended to pull my wisdom teeth out so that i can wear the Damon braces, i told him that i dont want to pull my premolars but he says i... READ MORE

Do I need to remove 4 teeth or can I just remove 1 tooth? What is my best option? (Photo)

I am on damon braces, in the beginning there is no need for extraction. But after almost all teeth are straight (only one molar on right side is not... READ MORE

Do I need to have teeth extracted to correct a 10 mm overjet?

I am interested in braces, and I have seen a few orthodontists for consultations. I have a 10 mm overjet, & my upper palate is in more of a V than... READ MORE

i just got my damon braces oct 18 2013?

Damon on top teeth and tradicional braces on bottom teeth ,since doctor says they work better with extractions? my front bottom tooth was extracted... READ MORE

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