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Swelling After Cosmelan

Is it normal to experience swelling after cosmelan treatment? My eyes are practically swollen shut... could it be an allergy to the product READ MORE

How Soon Can I Repeat a Cosmelan Mask?

It has been a full month since the doctor had applied the mask on my face for over 10 hours. I am looking forward to see the optimal results with... READ MORE

Can I Continue To Use Hydrocortisone 1% Of The Face And For How Long?

HI, After Cosmelan1, two weeks ago I was using Cosmelan 2 + Hydra-vital factor K 3x a day, but the skin of the face was very red, sore and crack.... READ MORE

Is my Skin Burned from a Cosmelan Peel?

I'm a 34yr old Black woman (medium-dark) who had melasma after kids. I had a Cosmelan peel 5 days ago at the dermatologist's and now my entire... READ MORE

Will My Skin Return? Cosmelan 2 Mask.

Hi there! I have used Cosmelan 2 & I'm guessing left it on too long & now have patches of hyperpigmentation on my face (lower/mid face).... READ MORE

Is it normal not to have a red face nor peeling on the day 2 after Cosmelan 1 mask?

I did Cosmelan 1 mask for 8 hours on my face. This is day 2, and I don't have redness, itchiness, nor any peeling. I have few friends who have done... READ MORE

Cosmelan MD or Rejuvenize Peel for Dark Skinned Woman with Melasma?

I have had the Cosmelan MD applied for over 2 years; pretty consistently, and use 50spf sunblock on my face. I have severe melasma on my cheeks and... READ MORE

I recently did Cosmelan in November and had some left over pigment. What should I do?

I went to see a derm and prescribed hydroqouine 8% compound. She advised two months on one month off but im scared of some of the cons such as my... READ MORE

This is my second day of reapplication of cosmelan mask. Why is it not peeling off?

I wonder why there is no sign of peeling off because on my first application 4 months ago after 2 days of application start to peel off. on my first... READ MORE

Is Lumnaskin Really Works?

I tried cosmelan and it did gave me good results. But the new cosmelan is not helping at all.I have few queris 1) is it safe to use cosmelan for... READ MORE

Cosmelan 1 and Left With Tiny White Bumps?

Hi, I did Cosmelan 1 and upon washing of the mask, I realised that white tiny bumps (which looked like pimples with pus) had developed. Is this normal? READ MORE

3 days after a Cosmelan 1 Peel on my knee caps, they have become very dark and are not peeling. Is this normal?

Hi, I did cosmelan 1 peel 3 days ago on my neck, knee caps and face. my face is peeling but my neck and knee caps are not peeling and they have become... READ MORE

My Friend Got a Lot of Rashes and Boils with Puss Few Days After the Cosmelan?

I wanna know what might be the reason of her skin reaction after cosmelan. im freaking out please READ MORE

severe bad acne due to cosmelan cream magnesium ascorbyl phosphate 5%

Hi doc., i used cosmelan cream for skin lightening purpose i had little breakouts of acne on my cheeks.. i used ths cream for 6 months my skin got... READ MORE

I Had Dermamelan Done 12 Days Ago & on Maintainance Cream.I Am Still Red & Flaking. is This Normal?

Hi, I had Dermamelan done 12 days ago and have been using the maintainance cream. I am still red and flaking (not peeling as much as first week, but... READ MORE

Am I Doing the Right Thing After First Application of Cosmelan?

I had my first application last October 26 which was done at the doctor's clinic.The doctor told me to let the cream stay on my face overnight and... READ MORE

Can I Use La Prarie Moisturizer in Combination with Cosmelan2 and Hydra Vital K?

Can i stil use la prarie moisturizer in combination with cosmelan2 and hydra vital k.? im in my third week of using cosmelan2 i did my cosmelan 1 in... READ MORE

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