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How Soon Can I Schedule Second CoolSculpting Treatment?

Planning to have 6 areas treated at the end of sept. (stomach-2, love handles, bra rolls) from what I read, a second treatment is optimal, how soon... READ MORE

When is Best Time to Get Second Coolsculpting Treatment to Same Areas?

I had a consultation where I was told that Zeltig now recommending second treatment on same areas after 30 days from first treatment for more... READ MORE

Lipo for Lumps from Cool Sculpting (Zeltiq)? (photo)

I have a golf ball size lump from Cool Sculpt.Did another Zeltiq right at that spot only--no results. Waited 6 months did again-- lump hasn't changed.... READ MORE

What Are the Benefits of Coolsculpting Re-treatment at the 4-6 Week Mark?

According to my research, some physicians recommend re-treating an area with Zeltiq 4-6 weeks after the first treatment. My question is: are the... READ MORE

Can I Get a Second Zeltiq Treatment After 5 Weeks?

I had a Zeltiq treatment on my love handles 5 weeks ago. My doctor told me to come back after 1 month for the second treatment. I had the second... READ MORE

Effective to Re-treat Area with Coolsculpting After 7 Weeks Rather Than 8?

I treated my lower abs with Zeltiq and will have a second session (same area) 7 weeks from my first treatment. I have heard that retreating before 2... READ MORE

Will I Still Get Optimal Results from 2 CoolSculpting Treatments if They Were Done 5 Weeks Apart?

I had 2 CoolSculpting treatments done on my love handles. My doctor said to come back after 5 weeks for the second treatment and I just had it done a... READ MORE

I Had my Lower Abdomen Treated Twice, 2 Months Apart. The Second Time Around I Had Zero Pain or Swelling?

It feels like any other part of my body, there is no idication that it has been done. Not even numbness. Is this normal? Was the second time around... READ MORE

Second treatment, of cold sculpting .Application site is very hard, lumpy and painful to the touch. Is this expected?

Upper abs 2 weeks Post Treated area, are hard, lumpy and painful to the touch. Is this normal? I understand each person is different, but my reaction... READ MORE

Second round of CoolSculpting on my lower stomach. Any suggestions?

I had my first round of CS (2 small side ways) on my lower abs in mid Oct and then the second round again 5 weeks later in Nov. It's now end of... READ MORE

Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia - more CoolSculpting?

I had coolsculpting done on my upper arms in February 2016 and my lower abs in March 2016. I didn't have any problems. Since I didn't have any issues... READ MORE

Follow-up: I gained 5 pounds since Cool Sculpting that was done 6 weeks ago due to taking medication for recently diagnosed illn

I have not changed my lifestyle or diet but weight gain is a very common side effect for this medication. I'm 5'3'' and now 136 pounds (from 131 lbs)... READ MORE

Many months to recover feeling from Coolscupt- do another or not?

I had a Coolsculpt treatment in January 2015 (manhandles and abdomen- 4 areas) and it took at least 6 months to totally recover feeling in those areas... READ MORE

Had round 2 of CoolSculpting on flanks. I experienced a "Thermal Event" on my right flank. Now there's a dark burn mark? (photo)

I experienced a "Thermal Event" on my right flank. I felt a burning sensation 13 min into the treatment, then the machine turned off as a safety... READ MORE

When is the best time to get the second treatment?

Most specialists say that it takes up to 6 months to see the optimum results, but some people wrote in that they got their second treatment less than... READ MORE

Is it normal to have an actual frozen hard area after lips freeze?

After a 2nd session of lips freeze on the abdomen area I had a small frozen hard area This is now red and swollen and sore READ MORE

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