3 Weeks Post-op + CoolSculpting

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3 Weeks After CoolSculpting I'm Bigger than Before Surgery From Bloating, Normal?

Hi. I had CoolSculpting done three weeks ago. I know the results can take two to four months but I'm nervous that I still feel very bloated and... READ MORE

Painful Itching After CoolSculpting - Is This Normal?

I did the procedure on my lower and upper abdomen 3 weeks ago. Still painful and itchy, is it common? Please help. READ MORE

I Did Coolsculpting Procedure 3 Weeks Ago, Not Seeing Results. Is This Normal?

Hi, i did coolsculpting procedure 3 weeks ago on my lower and upper abdomen. I still have pain and discomfort. Even touching is painful let alone... READ MORE

Is there any benefit to getting Cool Sculpting/Cryolipolysis repeated after only 2.5 to three weeks? Urgent help please

Will it help at all? I have a deal that is expiring which would make it so that I would have to get it done in this time frame, almost 3 weeks after... READ MORE

3 Weeks in but No Results. Is it normal not to see results yet?

I had my flanks and one small applicator in the center of my belly done 3 weeks today. I was told 2 weeks I would start seeing results. I look like I... READ MORE

Is it typical to notice more fat above and below areas where cool sculpting was performed?

I had cool sculpting 3 weeks ago for back fat both right and left sides .Now I have noticeable fat on both sides of my waist that I didn't have or... READ MORE

Is painful lumps in Abdomen after CoolSculping normal?

I had CoolSculpting done on my upper and lower abdomen 18 days ago and I still have three very painful lumps. One runs vertical in the center of my... READ MORE

CoolSculpting 3 weeks post procedure, still very tender, swollen, painful navel area

I'm 5'5 and 118 pounds, had bulge from navel to C- Section scar, had lower abdomen done with , 2 suction blades, one at a time one hour each side, Z... READ MORE

I have tried all recommended home treatments for pain . Lots of pain persist after 20 days.

No photos because I have no bruising , seems to be deep nerve pain. Pain is not sharp , its constant and I can barely touch my hips. My session was... READ MORE

Is bloating normal 3weeks after cool sculpting ? I look bigger than before I had it done.

Hi please help as I don't think the clinic who did my lipo freeze understand what's wrong with me I had lipo freeze 3 weeks ago and my tummy is so... READ MORE

Pain 3 weeks post CoolSculpting. Is this normal?

I have a band of pain that goes from one side to the other below the belly button. Had coolsculpting 3 weeks ago and still have this bit of pain left.... READ MORE

Coolsculpting and blood in urine

Had coolsculpting mid October on my stomach and I too see blood on my urine. Iam aware doctors have stated on this site that coolsculpting procedure... READ MORE

Why am I gaining weight after CoolSculpting 3 weeks ago?

I saw another lady ask the same question but 3 yrs ago. Not sure if a new study has been done since then. I workout 4 times a week and eat healthy.... READ MORE

Had coolsculpting 3 weeks ago, inner & outer thighs. Thighs larger than before. Like my thighs are bloated. Is this normal?

Is this normal? How long before this will go away if normal? What can I use possibly to compress without pushing into my ankles/foot? READ MORE

Will glandular fever affect the results of cool sculpting?

I just found out I have glandular fever... but I have had cool sculpting three weeks ago.. They both affect the lymphatic system?? Will me having... READ MORE

What about adding an herbal wrap to the Coolsculpted areas?

I had Coolsculpting procedure on my stomach area 2 1/2 weeks ago. I have some It Works Herbal Wraps and was wondering if they would harm or help my... READ MORE

20 days into procedure, sharp pricks in my stomach. Tender and numb. When will this end? Dow do I get some real relief? (Photo)

Prescribed Gabapentin 300mg, I feel no better. Ice packs help but once my stomach is warm, the pain starts again. 800 mg every 4-5 hours not working... READ MORE

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