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Should I still have numbness and pain 12 days after Cool Sculpting?

I'm on day 12 after my Cool Sculpting procedure to my lower abdomen and flanks. Most people I've read reviews from are no longer experiencing pain or... READ MORE

How Long is Swelling Expected After Cool Sculpting?

My lower and upper abs were done 2 wks ago and I am still quite swollen. READ MORE

Swollen tummy after 2 weeks of cool sculpture procedure. I am really worried. (photos)

I had the cool sculpure procedure on my tummy 2weeks ago; 2 applications, upper and lower abdomen, as well as my love handles.The tingling sensation... READ MORE

Normal To Have Severe Pain Post CoolSculpt? How Long Will It Last?

I had Cool Sculpt of abdomen, 5 months post lipo, as well as flanks. My flanks was mildly sore. I am two weeks post Cool Sculpt and am wearing... READ MORE

The Fat on my Belly Seems More Jiggly Now Than Before. Is This Normal? Can Coolscultping Make Fat More Noticeable?

I had coolsculping done 13 days ago. The pain has stopped , still feels a bit numb but the fat seems more jiggly now than before. For instance when I... READ MORE

I did coolsculpting on my lower abdomen about 12 days ago but i got no results so far?

But my belly has become loose and looks bigger, it looked much better before this treament. I'm 40, 5'5' and weight 117 pounds and don't have children... READ MORE

It looks like I have a stomach implant 15 days after CoolSculpting. Why is my stomach rock hard throughout my lower stomach?

I had coolsculpting 15 days ago (small machine one hour each side on lower abdomen). Now my lower stomach feels like I have implants on either side of... READ MORE

Bigger 2 Weeks After Coolsculpting?

I had Coolsculpting 2 weeks ago and although I have no pain or numbness at all I am much "puffier" than before. My clothes fit tighter.Ive heard this... READ MORE

How many sessions of cool sculpting are needed to be effective?

I have started a fat reduction treatment - this begins with 40mins cryolipolysis, then a massage of 20 minutes and then cool sculpting for 20 minutes... READ MORE

2 weeks post op, Coolsculping, I have developed a 4 cm wide lump to the right of my belly button. Is this normal?

The lump is moveable, painful when massaged, and uncomfortable when working (ie typing at my desk"). Surgeon said "fat necrosis", but I see no... READ MORE

16 days post op of 3 area tummy Coolsculpting. I'm still very swollen, numb and painfull. How long will it take to recovery?

16 days post 3 area tummy sculpting - distended, numb, bruised and in pain in various areas. My doc says nerve endings have been damaged (the reason... READ MORE

Could Coolscupting Be Causing Hot Flashes?

I had coolscupting performed on my entire abdomen area about 2 weeks ago. Within a day or two, I started having intense hot flashes which would... READ MORE

I had CoolSculpting done 2 weeks ago but I am gaining weight. Why? should I cancel the following treatments?

I had CoolSculpting done 2 weeks ago. I know the results can take two to four months but I feel bloated and bigger than before I had treatment on my... READ MORE

Lumpy stomach after coolsculpting. Will it go away? (Photos)

I had coolsculpting done 13 days ago and I had been really swollen and in pain since then. The swelling seems to have started going down but I've... READ MORE

How should my stomach feel 2 weeks after CoolSculpting?

I must admit, I've been reading to many negative reviews and googled too much. I've convinced myself that I may develop Paradoxical Adipose... READ MORE

Pain Relief from CoolSculpting, Exhausted and Frustrated. Any other recommendations?

I had Cool Sculpting done on my love handles 2 weeks ago. The pain seems to intensify as the week progresses. The last 3 nights, I spent tossing and... READ MORE

CoolSculpting recovery. Should I be concerned that my belly is jiggly after 2 weeks?

Should I be concerned that my belly is jiggly after 2 weeks from my cool sculpting ? The swelling seems to have gone down but when I run it feels... READ MORE

2 weeks post CoolSculpting, scared of no results because I've felt no pain. Is this normal?

I recently did coolsculpting on my lower abs with the advantage machine.. i felt ZERO pain.. no pain from suction or from the massage.. i did get... READ MORE

Will taking a single dose of ibuprofen & naproxen 1 & and half weeks post op interfere with results?

I had cool sculpting on outer thighs almost 2 weeks ago. I was told to avoid ibuprofen or naproxen for the first week... this second week has been a... READ MORE

Most painful post treatment I have ever experienced in my life.

I'm day 13 now. The pain is a little more easier than day 2-3 on wards. I am still unable to wear a bra which is effecting my life. I can't pick up my... READ MORE

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