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CoolSculpting Post Procedure Swelling?

I had CoolSculpting done 2 days ago and right now my lower abdomen is extremely swollen. I know it is normal to swell after the procedure but my... READ MORE

CoolSculpting of inner knee fat, extreme side effects. Is this normal?

I had coolsculpting done on my lower inner thigh/ inner knee area Two days ago I bruised a little. I have severe pain and burning sensation going into... READ MORE

Is numbness in fingers normal after treatment? How long will it last?

Hello I have done cool sculpting tx done on my under arms 2 days ago. I had an excruciating pain after tx. Although the tx was only on my under arms,... READ MORE

Lymph node in neck is very swollen. Is this related to the CoolSculpting near thigh lymph nodes?

Had coolscultping on inner thighs. Now my lymph node in neck is very swollen, is this related to the coolsculpting near thigh lymph nodes? Day 2 after... READ MORE

Is bleeding (period like) normal after CoolSculpting procedure?

I had coolsculpting 2 days ago,on stomach,abdomen area,I'm on warfarin and Depo shot,haven't had a period for 12 yrs and today I started bleeding ,Is... READ MORE

I was told more pain means better results with coolsculpting. Is this true? How long does the pain last?

I had coolsculpting done on Father's Day. Two nights ago I started having pain. It's a stabbing pain, swelling and numbness still persis. When I... READ MORE

Why is my swelling so large and firm?

I am two days after my procedure on my lower abdomen. Thankfully, very little pain, but the swelling is Massive and very hard. I have on compression... READ MORE

Will I get permanent scarring around the edges from Coolsculping? (Photos)

Im just over 48 hours after the treatment and I am very concerned about potential scarring. Pain is uncomfortable like ive been kicked hard in the... READ MORE

Post coolsculpting, is the treated area supposed to be considerably firmer than before the treatment?

I'm 2 days post Coolsculpting treatment for love handles and lower abdomen. There is some bruising and tenderness, which seemed expected and normal.... READ MORE

Follow up: CoolSculpting nerve pain and correlation to other factors.

I posted the other day and am getting vague answers. I am concerned about my chance for late onset nerve pain. I am petite and had three small... READ MORE

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