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What is the Correct Settings for a Full CO2 Ablative Skin Resurfacing?

I received my medical record and this was the settings: First pass done with 30 watts, 400 dwell time and 500 microseconds of spacing. The face was... READ MORE

CO2 Laser Targeted Specifically On Acne Scars?

Hi, I was just wondering if is there any reason doctors can't target the fractional co2 (or even the old school co2) specifically on the scar(s)... READ MORE

Stronger Setting For CO2 Laser That Won't Scar Me?

I had a fractional c02 equinox dot laser and they told me it was at 60 millijoules...I had no problem healing from that so if I did a full c02 laser... READ MORE

I want to know how CO2 lasers work to penetrate the skin so I can go about choosing treatment to alleviate laser damage (Photo)

I had a laser treatment done on my entire face in January this year with the Veris CO2 Laser. The nurse used a higher setting on my cheeks which... READ MORE

Is co2 laser for me with wanting wrinkles removed and even skin tone. Very worried now. (photos)

Getting co2 laser on whole face at setting 100 in 2 weeks and was given bleaching cream to use nightly prior to help with pigmentation. I'm worried... READ MORE

Inner eye skin wrinkling after CO2 on the "deep" setting (Photo)

4th co2 resurfacing treatment using the "deep" setting under eyes. 2 weeks post experiencing crinkling around eye area when even a gentle smile is... READ MORE

Fractional CO2 5 days ago with no peeling yet. Will the darkness fade?

. I had a fraxel laser 5 days ago and have had no peeling at all. My skin looks darker all over dryer and more aged. Has it still been effective at a... READ MORE

Can you describe using the CO2RE or CO2 laser to "feather" / "blend" the edges of a spot area into healthy untreated skin?

What Settings /mode & technique would be used on the CO2RE CO2 laser in fully ablative classic mode 10 mj be used to "feather" / "blend" the edges of... READ MORE

Lutronic eco2 setting for the third treatment(fractional co2). Is the setting mild or aggressive?

The settings used are as follows: tip 300 Pulse energy 16mJ density 75 x 1 pass, tip 120 Pulse energy 16mJ density 75 x 1 pass. READ MORE

What Are The Best Co2 Smarxide Dot Laser Settings For Fair Skin? (photo)

Can anyone confirm what the setting are for a light and a med treatment i have read so much on this site of people saying they have had good results... READ MORE

I had co2 fraxel 5 days ago and my skin has gone a shade darker and looks older and dryer but has no peeling. (photos)

I am a 45 year old Caucasian with sun damage . I had a fraxel laser 5 days ago and have had no peeling at all. My skin looks darker all over dryer and... READ MORE

Is Setting of 25 Watts on a Indian Ethic Skin to High? (photo)

Hi there: I am an Indian ethic female with acne scars on both sides of my cheeks. I had C02 laser done on myself but it was only a watt of 9. I... READ MORE

Lutronic Fractional CO2 for acne scars? (Photo)

Dear Doctors & Experts, Using the lutronic co2 machine what is the approriate pulse energy settings & density range for treating acne scars... READ MORE

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