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Scratching After CO2 Laser Treatment. Have I Harmed Results?

I Had Co2 Laser Treatment 4days Back...n Due 2 Itching I Scratched my Skin..will It Harm? face READ MORE

Is there any hope of repair or treatment to damaged skin from CO2 laser?

I had co2 laser 4 years ago. The results have been horrible. I have a host of issues the worse being that small pit like "dermal lesions" and "scars"... READ MORE

Will CO2 laser repair uneven skin texture/waxiness damage caused by CO2 laser?

I had full face CO2 laser in October. After 90 days, I had a second round of full face CO2 laser. It has been 90 days since the second procedure and... READ MORE

I want to know how CO2 lasers work to penetrate the skin so I can go about choosing treatment to alleviate laser damage (Photo)

I had a laser treatment done on my entire face in January this year with the Veris CO2 Laser. The nurse used a higher setting on my cheeks which... READ MORE

6 months post Fractional CO2 laser and I still have lumpy bumpy skin, with red demarcation lines.

My skin was smooth before but now it is lumpy, bumpy and red with demarcation lines still showing. It is 6 months post procedure. I made the big... READ MORE

Is PRP (Platlete Rich Plasma) safe for me? had co2 laser resurfacing, am seeking repair to damage caused by procedure. (photos)

I have numerous problems due to co2 albative procedure from 4 years ago. Most distressing are the pock marks, acne like depressions, poor skin laxity,... READ MORE

There may be permanent damage after a CO2 laser fractional? I'm a 29 year old woman, married, with a daughter of 3 years (Photo)

I'm very concerned about the state of my skin. On the 3 day I had an infection on right cheek and chin, which was treated with antibiotic pills and... READ MORE

Is my CO2 laser recovery abnormal? (Photos)

I had fractional co2 and erbium 2.5 weeks ago. I'm 27 and had nice skin with no scars, but some laxity. I know it's early in the healing process but... READ MORE

Will smiling affect the results of fractional co2 laser?

I want to ask does smiling during the healing process after doing fractional co2 laser will make wrinkles around the mouth area worst or no progress... READ MORE

Is fractional co2 laser suitable for all skin colors & types?

Is fractional co2 laser suitable for african-american skin colors? Is there any damage of using it on light-skinned african-american? Can it be used... READ MORE

Laser Treatment over area with Silicone?

I'm considering having CO2 Laser on my face but am concerned if it would be harmful. Would this cause damage where I've had silicone injections many... READ MORE

Help please! I had CO2 under eyes. All was great, no red or brown, but I exfoliated and damaged it.

I had co2 laser under eyes 3 weeks ago all was great no red no brown looked normal. Then about 3 days ago i stupidly used a facewash with exfoliator... READ MORE

Self-inflicted Eye Wrinkles

Hi, I have an unusual, complicated issue. I'm 35 and a redhead, with thin, pale skin and freckles. I lived in a hot climate for a year and while I... READ MORE

How Can I Repair Damage Caused by CO2 Laser?

I had typical ice pick scars on my face (small but deep) and last year had CO2 lasering to correct this. I have had 3 or 4 treatments but I think my... READ MORE

Is this damage from improper use of CO2 Fractional Laser? Is this thermal damage from the laser? Will this go away? (photos)

I had laser resurfacing with the smartXide co2 fractional laser on March 27th for acne scars. Its been exactly one month later, I have prolonged... READ MORE

I had my Lutronic ECO2 last Jan 15. Now my acne scars have become darker with sunken skin and I develop hypopigmentation (Photo)

Is the Lutronic ECO2 laser damage my skin?? Is this permanent? Can it be corrected? My third treament ECo2 laser will be on Feb 26.. Do i need to do... READ MORE

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