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CO2 or Fraxel Laser for Under Eye Area? Approx Cost?

I'm 37 years old with crepiness under my eye area that can't be helped with Botox. My skin is fair, but in good shape, all except for my under eye are... READ MORE

Will Co2 Fractional Laser Cause Spots to Grow?

I am 37 year old mexican girl, I don't look my age because I don't have any wrinkles.The fact is that 11 years ago a little spot started... READ MORE

Crepey skin on lower cheek close to mouth area. Will CO2 fix this? What are my other options?

Not wrinkles but best way to describe them are "crinkles" ;/ I'm only 38 CO2 Laser or...Have done lots of tanning in my younger days and paying for it... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Do CO2 Laser on Face & Juvederm Around Mouth & Lips @same Time? (Scheduled 4 Tomorrow)

I'm a 42 yr old fair skinned female. Last week: 1st time w/Botox (forehead) & Radiesse (cheeks). Beautiful! Problem areas: 1. 2” area of grooves @... READ MORE

Dermal Abrasion Ander GA After Fractional Co2 Laser?

I'm female 39 year i did fractional co2 laser 4 session for acne scar and skin texture I didn't find the result I want I'm tired of experience the... READ MORE

What is a good and safe option for sagging skin around the jawline and under the chin?

Hi, I'm a 44 year old female & beginning to see loosening around my jawline & chin. I don't have have wrinkles, am thin, & my skin looks great except... READ MORE

I had a co2 laser done on my face to improve texture but it made it way worse? I can't wear any make-up.

I had a co2 done on a Wed. by Sunday it was all peeled, my skin looked great! Now, four weeks later, my skin looks horrible. HUGE pores, uneven skin... READ MORE

Advice on what treatment to do for lower eyes. CO2 laser? Filler? (Photo)

I am 44 years old and have always had deep creases under my eyes when I smile, they are just staying longer now! A few years ago I had some of the fat... READ MORE

Would CO2 laser be the best option? Ultherapy ? Fractional? What are other resurfacing options? (photo)

Lip lines marionette lines,volume loss? 35yo w/BAD marionette lines,pretty deep"11", static horizontal forehead lines,deep vertical lip lines,... READ MORE

Sciton Erbium Profile laser vs. CO2? How effective? & is it as painful as CO2? I've had CO2 in 2011, I'm 42 now.

Getting lines around the mouth. Ugh! The C02 fractionated was awesome around my eyes... I didn't have those ugly lines around the mouth then though. I... READ MORE

Is Co2 Laser Inappropriate As a Preventive Measure Vs. Treating Specific Issues?

I have just turned 40 and wanted to get a little more aggressive with my anti aging treatments. I have had botox, restylane and juverderm injections,... READ MORE

Do CO2 lasers treat discolorations as well as pore size and wrinkles? What depth of laser treatment should I aim for?

I'm a thirty-five year old white woman. I am having a bit of trouble sorting out all the laser options. I understand fractional CO2 to be the best... READ MORE

Co2 laser vs series of microdermabrasion/peels

Hi. I'm 44 and have been told by a few derms that co2 laser would work wonders for my wrinkles/skin tightening but wanted to find out if there's a... READ MORE

Between Fractional, CO2, and Genesis Cutera lasers, which procedure is more effective?

I'm an over 40 years old Asian women with brown spots, oily and acne skin. Thank you READ MORE

Rosacea After Laser CO2 Fractional Resurfacing, What Can I Do? (photo)

I'm 36 years old woman made laser CO2 fractional 5 weeks ago mainly because of larger pores in nose. My cheeks' skin has always been very... READ MORE

Self-inflicted Eye Wrinkles

Hi, I have an unusual, complicated issue. I'm 35 and a redhead, with thin, pale skin and freckles. I lived in a hot climate for a year and while I... READ MORE

I Have Reddness and Large Pores After Co2 Laser I Look Ten Yrs Older Any Help?

I am 38 yrs and had co2 laser done in 2010 for mild acne on cheeks and am left with reddness large pores on whole face orange peel skin and look 10... READ MORE

I Am 41 Yr Old Asian Male & Had CO2 Treatment 1 Month Ago to Remove Sunspot, but Now Have Hyperpigmentation. Will It Go Away?

I had an aquaintance who was a Dr. He said he could get rid of my sunspot using IPL. After 5 treatments nothing happened so I called him and he said... READ MORE

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