Chin Liposuction Videos

See 25 Seconds of Chin Liposuction (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Moises Salama talks about chin liposuction and explains how the procedure is performed. VIEW NOW


Submental Liposuction Remove Chin Fat and Restores This Man's Jawline

Dr. Somenek performs submental liposuction to remove fat and restore contour to the neck and jawline. He uses ultrasound liposuction which also helps to tighten the skin. The procedure requires minimal anesthesia and has very little downtime. VIEW NOW

Milestone Moments — A Guide to Looking Your Best for Special Occasions

From CoolSculpting to laser hair removal to skin care treatments, Dr. David B. Reath presents a checklist to help you prepare and build confidence for your next event no matter how much time you have. VIEW NOW

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Deciding Between Belkyra, Ultherapy or Chin Lift for Submental Fat

Dr. Shehla Ebrahim explains some differences between Kybella (called Belkyra in Canada), Ultherapy and chin lift treatments for targeting submental fat. VIEW NOW

Mini Facelift, Fat Grafting, and Chin Liposuction — See Tammy's Results 1 Day & 1 Week Post-Op

Tammy had a mini facelift, chin liposuction, facial fat grafting from inner thigh, and thigh liposuction performed by Dr. Pramit Malhorta. See what she thinks of her results. VIEW NOW

Some Facts About Liposuction — A Doctor Explains

Dr. Jeffrey Antimarino speaks with a prospective candidate for surgery, giving an overview of the procedure, clearing up some misconceptions and explaining what recovery after the procedure might look like. VIEW NOW

Smart Lipo for Neck Fat Removal — See This Woman's Procedure While She's Awake

Smart Lipo is an option for removing extra weight in the neck area. Dr. David E. Berman walks us through the procedure. Learn what to expect from the treatment and recovery. VIEW NOW

Complications and Risks of Neck Liposuction

Dr. Tanveer Janjua discusses possible complications from neck liposuction. This is not a full list, but the complications Dr. Janjua feels a person should be most aware of. VIEW NOW

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Good Fat vs Bad Fat: Here's What You Should Know

Dr. Edward Dickerson presents several solutions to get rid of stubborn fat through weight loss, and surgical or non-surgical procedures. Dr. Dickerson also explains how fat transfer can be used to create fullness and contours for the face and body. VIEW NOW

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Jowls: Eliminating Facial Sagging

Dr. Anil Shah talks about neck and facial jowls and how they can be treated or removed. VIEW NOW

Everything You Need to Know About Liposuction

Dr. Josh Waltzman discusses common questions and answers about liposuction, including who is a good candidate, recovery time, and the alternatives. VIEW NOW

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See Neck Liposuction Done Awake in the Doctor's Office

Dr. Sheila S. Nazarian performs neck liposuction, under local anesthesia, to improve this person's neck contour. There is minimal discomfort and you can see the results immediately. VIEW NOW

From a Round to Chiseled Face — See This Man's Transformation

Dr. Michael Elam performed facial contouring complete with a nose job, buccal fat removal, chin and neck liposuction. See his transformation and results. VIEW NOW

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Facial Contouring With Chin Implant, Chin Liposuction, and Buccal Fat Removal — See This Man's Before & After

Dr. Michael Elam performed facial contouring on this man, which included a chin Implant, chin liposuction and buccal fat removal. See his evaluation and results. VIEW NOW


Kybella vs. Chin Liposuction: The Doctor's Opinion

Dr. Sheryl D. Clark explains how having a thorough understanding of the procedures, the effects, and the expected time frame of when results will be seen, can help you determine which procedure is best for you. VIEW NOW

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