Chin Implant Videos

Complications of a Chin Implant

Dr. Tanveer Janjua describes the complications associated with a chin implant. This is not a comprehensive list of all possible complications, but the ones Dr. Janjua feels are most important for a patient to be aware of. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Defines aYoung Woman's Face With a Nose Job and Chin Implant

Dr. Michael Elam shares his evaluation of this young woman's prominent nose and weak chin. VIEW NOW

How the Doctor Performs Double Chin Surgery

Dr. Buonassisi dicusses chin implant surgery and genetics. Understand the steps of the procedure, recovery and typical results. VIEW NOW

Chin Implant: The Doctor Explains Surgery to Correct a Weak Chin

Dr. Thomas Buonassisi discusses chin implant surgery and what you can expect. VIEW NOW

See How a Nose Job and Chin Implant Balance This Model's Face

Mrs. B. wanted to achieve a stronger profile and change from a square to an almond shape chin. Dr. Richard W. Westreich performed a rhinoplasty, septoplasty and chin implant. He discusses her procedure and shares before and after photos. VIEW NOW

See This Woman's Chin augmentation With Radiesse Filler Injections

Watch as Dr. Sheila S. Nazarian injects 3ccs of Radiesse to improve this woman's chin. VIEW NOW

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See How a Brow Lift, Chin Implant and Liposuction Transform This Man's Face

Dr. Michael Elam performed an endoscopic brow lift and mid face suspension complete with: laser skin resurfacing, chin implant with liposuction. See this man's results and transformation. VIEW NOW

Facial Contouring With Chin Implant, Chin Liposuction, and Buccal Fat Removal — See This Man's Before & After

Dr. Michael Elam performed facial contouring on this man, which included a chin Implant, chin liposuction and buccal fat removal. See his evaluation and results. VIEW NOW


The Basics of Chin Augmentation

Dr. Raghu Athre describes the basics of chin augmentation, and how patients are assessed for microgenia (a small chin) VIEW NOW

This Woman Had 4 Procedures to Her Face

This woman received multiple procedures including an endoscopic brow lift, rhinoplasty, chin implant, and facial fat transfer. See her results. VIEW NOW

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Learn Your Treatment Options for a Double Chin

Dr. Richard W. Westreich explains what causes a double chin and surgical and non-surgical options. VIEW NOW

Nose Job, Chin Implant, and Neck Liposuction: This Woman Sees Her Results

This woman got work done on her nose, chin, and neck. See her results eight days post-op. VIEW NOW

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What Can I Do About My Chin? The Surgeon Explains Your Options

First question: What results are you looking for? Get the details from Dr. Mel T. Ortega. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Explains Gender Transformation Procedures for the Face and Body

Dr. Greg Chernoff explains his experience and the various procedures for those seeking male-to-female and female-to-male transformations. VIEW NOW

Learn About Innovative Facial Implants for Your Cheeks and Chin

Dr. Greg Cherfnoff explains how he commonly performs cheek and chin implants to enhance the face. Both are performed from the inside of the mouth so there are no scars or screws. VIEW NOW