X-ray + Chin Implant

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Is my chin implant too big? What can I do to balance my face? (photos and X-rays)

I am a 26 y/o fem. I had a chin implant surgery and rhinoplasty 5 years ago. I was pleased with the chin implant, but I think that my face looks too... READ MORE

Xrays for Chin Implant?

Hi, I am considering a chin implant, what Xrays should I ask my physician for before considering this procedure, to determine the bones in my jaw.... READ MORE

Dental work after or before chin implant?

I recently went to the dentist to find that I have horizontally impacted wisdom teeth in my lower jaw below the gum which may need to be removed... READ MORE

Is my Chin Implant too high? (photo)

I got a large ImplanTech extended anatomical silicon implant, I like the front view but the profile view looks in a strange steep shape, like a "/",... READ MORE

I had my chin implant removed given it eroded my bone 4mm. Should I put a new one or better doing sliding genioplasty? (Photos)

At age 22 I put on a 10mm sylicon chin implant. I had a couple of dental Xrays and noticed my bone was gradually eroded. At age 28 I decided to remove... READ MORE

Should I go for a chin and mandibular implants? (photos)

For a number of years, I've had a recessed chin and it had affected me really badly. I was told when I was younger that I needed a jaw advancement and... READ MORE

Does the chin implant look ok in location and position? (Photos)

I got a chin implant a few years ago, and the surgeon told me it was 6mm silicone, anatomical style implant. However, given some recent x-rays I've... READ MORE

What kind of chin implant is this? (Photo)

I got a chin implant a few years ago. The surgeon told me it was 6mm silicone, anatomical style implant. However, given some recent x-rays I've taken... READ MORE

Should I be concerned with dark spot on recent panoramic xray one year after chin implant? (Photo)

I had a large silicone chin implant put in on 12/26/15 with an external incision, not intraorally. I've had trouble on my right side when I smile. It... READ MORE

Which Exam Shall I Do in Order to Know What is Wrong with my Chin Implant?

I had a revision chin implant and I now have two pockets. One should be contracting and disappearing according to my doctor. The other pocket is where... READ MORE

Chin implant help - I underwent chin implant by intraoral method 6 weeks ago.

I still feel numb at my chin and lower bottom lip. It is better compared to the first two weeks but ever since then, it hasn't improved. It feels... READ MORE

Can an infection of a chin implant indicate a cavity along the jaw?

I recently had to have a chin implant removed after it got infected. I saw a different doctor who said I might want to have x-rays done of my jaw... READ MORE

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