Red Spot + Chemical Peel

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Spots and Scars on Legs and Thighs: Will Skin Peeling Remove Them?

Whenever i am bitten by mosquitoes, i would get a red bump which will later turn into a sore. after that sore is heal it would leave a very dark spot.... READ MORE

Are Itchy Red Spots After a Light Chemical Peel Normal?

I had a light chemical peel done 5 days ago for light acne and acne marks. I still have some peeling but the peeling and dryness are significantly... READ MORE

Chemical Peel on Neck Peeling Twice- Is This Normal? (photo)

I had a chemical peel (Jessner with 25% TCA) on my neck and chest a week ago. It completely peeled but left two very red and sensitive spots on each... READ MORE

Which Chemical Peel is Best for Dark Brown and Red Marks on Face from Acne, TCA or Glycolic?

I have never undergone a chemical peel treatment and im planning to have one this month. should i go for tca or glycolic peeling? i have dark brown... READ MORE

Is this spot going to go away or is it perms and pigmentation issues? How should I go about treating it? (photos)

I did a 40% glycolic peel, left on for 4 minutes and neutralized on Saturday night. I had frosting immediately after in one spot on my chin. Now that... READ MORE

Regarding a Chemical Peel - Rejuvenize - Skin Medica. D

Hello, I feel like this was a pretty strong chemical peel because i am still peeling and have some red spots. I was told that i need to do a series of... READ MORE

Chemical peel led to scarring with red spots on face. Any suggestions?

Hi, I had acne initially and my dermatologist suggested me to go for Chemical peel. 1st 2 peels where salicylic acid with less concentration and 3rd n... READ MORE

I have red spots on my face as a result of mild acne. Would I benefit from a chemical peel to lighten these spots? (Photos)

I suffered from mild acne, it was not severe by any means, but it did leave me with some red spots and although my skin is healthy and I look after... READ MORE

Does chemical peel helps in clearing post inflammatory pigmentation caused by acne?

I m 18 years old and have so many red and brown spots on my face due to popping pimples but they are not dents so does chemical peel help in clearing... READ MORE

I have very moderate acne and almost no pimples. My problem is with dark and red spots and redness

I have tried glycolic and mandelic combinations with salicylic the mandelic absolutely destroyed my face while the glycolic caused too much redness i... READ MORE

What should I do about the brown/ red spots after mixing Epiduo and AHA? (photos)

The other night I believe that I accidentally burned my skin! I was using Epiduo in the morning then I did a AHA peel in the night and the areas... READ MORE

Are my facial chemical peels causing me to breakout on my body?

I just started using facial chemical peels and while my face looks fabulous I am breaking out in red spots all over my back and upper arms and they... READ MORE

Spots after peeling, advice on how to get rid of them?

I got a medium peeling for acne prone skin. The person who did the peeling recommended to buy this pigment gel from PCA skin care but she didn't tell... READ MORE

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