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Skin Medica Chemical Peels?

Hi Have had the medium Skin medical Peel done - then two weeks later the deepest Skin Medica Chemical Peel Performed to get rid of some brown patches... READ MORE

What is the Best Peel for Dark Spots? (photo)

I am on a skin regimen that involves using a salicylic wash, aczone and moisturizer with spf of 30 in the morning and tazorac and moisturizer at night... READ MORE

Retin A 0.05 For Skin Lightening with no Results; Recommended Concentration for a Glycolic Peel?

I have clear skin. I use retin A 0.05 for skin lightening as the outer layers which got tanned get exfoliated. But I don’t see any peeling,... READ MORE

I Got A 50% Chemical Peel and I Don't See Any Results?

2 days ago i got 50 % chemical peel from the dermatologist and my skin is still the same, nothing happened why?? READ MORE

Hetter Peel in June 2012 Didn't Work?

My forehead peeled heavily, but other areas only minimally. Areas on each side of my nose & the nasal labial folds that did not peel at all. The... READ MORE

Acne scar. I recently had my first chemical peel, it's as if I haven't done anything on my face. What should I do next?

Recently i have had my frst chemical peel for acne havnt shown ny kind f improvement.normally i have heard people complaining about side... READ MORE

This is day 3 of my Perfect Derma peel, and I don't really see that much peeling except around my mouth and nose.

My skin doesn't even feel dry anywhere else. I am trying to figure out what went wrong? I had a professional apply it and I have followed all the... READ MORE

I'm getting no results from a chemical peel I had three days ago. Is it because I've been diffusing essential oils?

This is my 7th peel and usually by now my face is tight and discolored! It usually burns when chemical is applied. I've been diffusing essential oils... READ MORE

Getting no start offs peel my skin by day 3 after chemical peel. Any suggestions?

Hello sir i got chemical peel on 29 aug 2016 by 10:00 am bt today its 31 aug bt still i didnt find any results on my face, but there is a continously... READ MORE

First time chemical peel user. I have sensitive skin usually but this produced no redness or results? Should I try it again?

Last night I did my first ever chemical peel. I used Ole Hendrikson power peel. I didn't get red, feel any tingling or discomfort and my face looks... READ MORE

Light peel series for hyperpigmentation?

I'm a tanned skin Asian. I have hyperpigmentation from acne that has left discoloration purpleish/red/brow for 3 months now. I had 2 salycilic acid... READ MORE

Had 4 sessions of salicylic chemical peel for severe painfull pimples, acne and scars but still no result. What else can I do?

Got preganant 1year back and got severe acne since then.i have tried four salicylic peels each every weekend.but i m not getting any dat a... READ MORE

Treatment for dark, uneven color butt, thighs, and knees.

Hi, have very dark, dry n uneven coloured butt, dark pores n dry thighs n legs, very dark knee. Tried 4 sessions of TCA peel n prescribed creams with... READ MORE

My legs had been burnt after a laser hair removal session. Will chemical peels work? (Photos)

The scabs fell, and i am now left with hyperpigmentation. I have used hydroquinone 4%, azelaic acid, retin A, prescription cream. It has been 5 months... READ MORE

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