Itching + Chemical Peel

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Curing Side Effects from Chemical Peel?

I have done a medium plus Chemical Peel about almost two months ago. My new skin looked smooth after two weeks although was very red, but since after... READ MORE

Post Chemical Peel Problems. What Should I Do?

I had my first chemical peel 9 days ago at a dr's office. I experienced painful burning during the procedure but was told this was normal. Several... READ MORE

Why is my skin darkening around the mouth after chemical peel? (photo)

It have been a week and my skin is slowly peeling but I noticed darken spots on my face and I want to know if they are permanent and how long should... READ MORE

I had a chemical peel at a aesthetic clinic and it burned around the mouth and chin. What can I use to heal? (photos)

The esthetician knew my skin was irritated in those areas but still applied the treatment. The skin has been flaking and now it looks red, itchy and... READ MORE

Chemical peel reaction- help (Photo)

I had a vitalize peel 4 days ago and am experiencing extreme itching and pain on my neck. Currently treating with cortisone cream and aquaphor but no... READ MORE

What could've caused the reaction and what can I use to hydrate my skin to get rid of dead skin and moisture my face?

A few weeks ago I went to the dermatologist and I have decided to receive a chemical peal. I got 20% chemical peel. I was told that the peel would... READ MORE

What, if any, type of peel could be used on my arms to lighten, if not remove, scarring from itching/picking? (photos)

What, if any, type of peel could be used on my arms to lighten, if not remove, scarring from itching and picking blemishes. I am more or less fair... READ MORE

What will I do to get rid of the itchiness, dryness, bumps, red, brown spots and return to my normal skin condition immediately?

I purchased online a chemical peel for the body and put it all over my arms and lower legs. I followed the instructions to use it for 3 days. On the... READ MORE

What can I do to soothe the itching and crusting after a perfect peel?

I did a chemical peel(the perfect peel )on last Tuesday, my face is still peeling but is irritated and crusting. I have only been using a Neutrogena... READ MORE

Green peel allergy?

I'm writing this message to warn people from possible allergy to green peel. My allergy started 48hrs after the green peel with itchiness, heat &... READ MORE

Itching and small skin colored welps after mild peel, is this normal?

Yesterday, I got a mild chemical peel (retinol A) on my face. Today, my face is itching and feels like it is burning, and I feel small skin colored... READ MORE

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