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Chemical Peel for Dark Underarms

I am an asian, age 23 and have always been physical skinny. I have a very dark underarm. None of my family member seem to have this problem. My mom... READ MORE

I Recently Had a Med Chemical Peel. My Skin Hasn't Recovered and I'm Noticing Breakouts. Before This, I Never Broke out ): Help?

My doc suggested a medium chemical peel for my scars that my pimples left behind. I've never had acne. After getting the peel, I am in the recovery... READ MORE

Will Chemical Peel Work for Dark Spots?

I'm 24 years old. My knees and underarm are kind of dark…really dark. My question is, will chemical peel treatment work for me? Thank you. READ MORE

What is the Difference in Effectiveness of TCA Peel (30-35%) to a Vi Peel?

Is one more effective than the other? I was told the Vi peel was medium depth but I am hesitant to believe that. I had it done about 10 days ago and... READ MORE

Is it possible to do a chemical peel on the bikini area that with help lighten the blemishes or is that too harsh?

I am a healthy 19 year old woman w/ dark skin. For many years I have suffered from folliculitis & ingrown hairs on my bikini area which has left my... READ MORE

Chemical Peel Vs Laser to Remove Acne Scars

I'm very fair,but don't sunburn I've been fighting acne since I was 18 and am now 23, I used to have such beautiful skin and would not have to wear... READ MORE

Are Chemical Peels Worth It?

I want to know if getting a chemical peel would be a good idea for me. I'm 22 years old and have adult acne. I have tried everything it just makes me... READ MORE

Is 18 Years Old Too Young for a Chemical Peel?

I want to do a Derma Peel but some people have told me 18 years old is too young for a chemical peel. I have acne scars and a couple blemishes that... READ MORE

Can a Chemical Peel Get Rid of Deep Eye Lines?

I've had bad under eye bags/lines since I was little but have been told that I'm ineligible for blepharoplasty(I'm 22 PMH... READ MORE

What kind of chemical peels can help with my uneven skin texture? (photo)

I have developed a lot of dents and uneven bumpy skin on my face, specially around my cheek area. I do not smoke and wear sunscreen, so I don't know... READ MORE

Chemical peel is good for skin fairness?

Is chemical peel is suggested for skin fair because I'm dusky and am a 19 years old girls I always bullied by my friends and relatives for mydusky... READ MORE

What Type of Chemical Peel is Right for Me?

I am an 18 year old female i am 5"1 and 100lbs. I have very fair skin i burn easily, in addition i have freckles. I also have acne and get pimples and... READ MORE

Will my skin heal itself? Chemical peel related, laugh lines are now wrinkles..

So recently I did a fade peel from MUAC which contains glycolic acid 30%, lactic acid 20%, kojic acid 2%, malic acid 3%. Out of habit that day though... READ MORE

How Can I Improve my Ugly and Wrinkley Skin Texture? (photo)

I'm only 21and my skin has alot of tiny wrinkle and looks like ceramic wrap? Does anyone know why? what can i do to improve it? is it normal to have... READ MORE

How to Preserve the Chemical Peel Results?

I am 20 year old male. I had four sessions of chemical peel and the result was great. But i have heard results of chemical peels are temporary. How... READ MORE

I was wondering if there was a big difference between using the gel peel and liquid peels? Which would be best for me? (photos)

Hi. I've suffered from acne since I was 6th or 7th grade. I am now 18 and it hasn't gotten any better. I've tried just about every acne product (or so... READ MORE

Can one be allergic to chemical peels and retinol?

5 months ago I had mild breakouts , dermatologist suggested chemical peel. THE BREAKOUTS INCREASED after peel. Now after 4 months I have several dark... READ MORE

What's the best chemical peel for dark spot left from acne? (photo)

I have used a lot of over-the-counter creams to help correct my dark spots left behind from acne, I can tell they help a little but is not enough. I'm... READ MORE

I'm 19, Asian and have brown spots on my face. People told me it's because of my liver. Can I get rid of them? (Photo)

People told me these brown spot is permanent. So I can not do anything with this? Is there another way to get rid of these forever? When I were 15, I... READ MORE

What Would Be the Best Chemical Peel for Yellow/brown Indian Skin?

Hi, i am a 23yr old Indian female, i'm yellowish/brown in complexion but there are certain parts of my body that are darker in color than the rest... READ MORE

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