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This doctor made my cellulite even worse!

I had little bit of cellulite and Dr.Tehrani promised that it's will be improved after treatment Cellulaze. He said that I start to see improvement after 3 month and it's become better and better and after 6 month I will see final result. I noticed any improvement after 3 month and I told him... READ MORE

38 Years 3 Children. Dallas, TX

Im an unsure at this point. I really have nothing positive to say just yet except that I didnt bruise much. I had 10 incisions with 2 of them being for lipo on just top inner thighs. I look worse than before. Lumps. Hard spots. Spider veins. I am a little worried. Patience isnt my strong suit. I... READ MORE

I've Had One Child and Gained over 60 Pounds - Princeton, NJ

After having a child and gaining weight I also acquired a lot of cellulite on the back of both of my thighs. Dr.Hamawy treated me with a laser procedure called Cellulaze and my legs look awesommmeeeee!! Even after just a few days I can see a difference. Dr.Hamawy is so genuinely kind and... READ MORE

I Had Cellulaze - Twice! - Scottsdale, AZ

Although I've always been very slender (size 0/2) and blessed with a pretty figure, I've also been cursed with cellulite on the back of my thighs and on my buttocks since puberty. It worsened with age and by the time I reached 50, I never wanted anyone (including my husband!) to see me from... READ MORE

Cellulaze with Dr.Dibernardo - New Jersey

Hey everyone. I have read so many mixed review on here that I wanted to share my journey with cellulaze. I am still searching for pre op pictures as they were on my old laptop which I broke. I am at week 4 right now. I had 11 squares done. 5 on the left, 3 on the right, 2 on one side of my... READ MORE

40-year-old Runner Hoping to Finally Getting Rid of my Cellulite with Cellulaze - San Francisco, CA

I'm 5-foot-4 and currently weigh 115 pounds. I've always been petite, and have been into distance running for the last 15 years. During that same period, I've always had cellulite. I tried smart lipo a few years ago, hoping it would also help my cellulite in addition to getting rid of my saddle... READ MORE

I Will Never Show my Legs Again After Cellulaze. DO NOT DO IT. - Newport Beach, CA

Cellulaze does not work. It has made me more most self conscious and has caused more dimpling and irregularities than before I had the treatment, My legs are a total disaster and it is only getting worse as the swelling is diminishing, I am so embarrassed I don't know where to turn to, who to... READ MORE

51 Yr Old Who Lost 35 Lbs - Montclair, NJ

I had my 3rd and last child at 41 yrs old . After the birth of my child the cellulite appeared. I tried diet and exercising but it did not help. I even had thigh liposuction which made it worse. So after much research I decided to have the cellulaze procedure with Dr DiBernado . Dr DiBernado was... READ MORE

33 Year Old Finally Taking the Plunge, Work Hard, Like Everthing else About my Body, but This. Northborough, MA

I will continue to add more pictures. The best thing is to educate yourself on the healing process. Let me kno if you have any questions about how things feel, felt, frustrations. It is not for an impatient peson, and it has to be something you really want and are willing to keep your weight... READ MORE

34 Years Old, 2 Kids with Youngest Being 5 Months. 5'9" 130lbs-Cellulaze. The Woodlands, TX

Day before my Cellulaze procedure. I'm pretty excited but also very nervous as to what to expect pain wise. The procedure will be performed on my front lower thighs (right above the knee area), both sides of both thighs and up the side of my buttock area and the back of my thighs. I've been... READ MORE

Stubborn Cellulite Since I Was in HS - Manhasset, NY

I've had cellulite since I was in HS and since then I've been emnarassed to wear shorts and feel uncomfortable in a bathing suit. I've been working out 4x a week at Crossfit and eat healthy but the cellulite just doesn't go away so I decided to get this procedure done. Procedure was fast. I was... READ MORE

22 Years Old Hope I Finally Get Rid of Cellulite - Albuquerque, NM

I am 22 years old have cellulite since I was 17. I am getting celulaze on back of my thighs and outter thighs, smart lipo and lipo max. My story is like everyone else here. I dont like to wear any thing that shows my cellulite and if I do I feel so uncomfortable. I feel so embarrassed its sad... READ MORE

Cellulite Be Gone! My Journey to Become Cellulite Free at 30 - La Jolla, CA

In order to give an accurate count of my journey, I'll have to start from the beginning. I've been seeking a cellulite-free life since I was 15. At that age was when I started to notice little bumps on my legs and started to avoid wearing shorts. I was a dancer, played all kinds of sports but I... READ MORE

47 Year Old Strugling to Find a Solution for Cellulite. Gatineau, QC

Herd a lot before I finally took the plunge. im canandian I I think things are done differently here. had a first consult: level 1 cellulite (gave me a reduced price because of it) pre surgery: no alcohol, drugs , lots of water (2 liters a day) and arnica tablets 3 times a day. surgery was... READ MORE

Don't Expect This "Minimally" Invasive Procedure to Be a Walk in the Park - West Springfield, MA

PRE-Operation: - doctor told me to take Arnica for about a week before the procedure to help with the pain and bruising - prescribed an anti-biotic and a relaxation medicine to take before the procedure - my cellulite was determined to be mild, what they would call grade 1 THE DAY OFF: - took... READ MORE

Cellulaze Procedure. Montclair, NJ

I just had my cellulaze procedure done two days ago by Dr. DiBerando. He was very professional, knowledgeable and informative. I felt very comfortable with him. I had my outter posterior thighs and lateral thighs done. I'm two days post-op and I have some pain but nothing unmanageable. I'm going... READ MORE

36 Years Old. Summerville, SC

I have hated my outer thighs and cellulite on the back of my legs.Work out very hard and can't get rid of certain things.I am amazed,thrilled, beyond excited to see results.Feelin great!Dr. Schimpf was compassionate, thorough,explained every part of the procedure before and throughout. Above and... READ MORE

Once a Self-conscious Fitness Model... - Montclair, NJ

I work out religiously and compete in fitness shows and do fitness modeling. I've had cellulite ALL my life. No matter if I was 9% bodyfat! After getting cellulaze, Im in LOVE w my body!!! The most painful part was the local anesthesia (yes, it was VERY painful) but the recovery was NOT bad at... READ MORE

Cellulaze Performed February 5th - Dallas, TX

I had the cellulaze procedure performed on Tuesday, February 5th. I am 5'9 and weigh around 140 pounds at the moment. I am 40 years old and have 2 small children (my youngest being 10 months old). The first time I ever saw any cellulite on my body, I was around 25 and under some hideous dressing... READ MORE

Cursed with Cellulite Since I Was a Pre-teen...

My story is like so many others I have read on this site. It's nice to know I'm not alone in this. I remember the first glimpses of cellulite at the age of 12. I do recall the fateful day that I say these bumps and bulges all over the outsides of my thighs. I remember comparing myself to my step... READ MORE

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