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How to Massage Buttock Implants?

My buttock is quite hard at the stop. 2 weeks post opp READ MORE

Sleeping position after butt implants? Should I try ice or massage?

I got butt implants(under muscle)11 weeks ago and I'm still experiencing a LOT of swelling.I went to urgent care last night and said my white blood... READ MORE

2 months post op butt implants. Why do I have a hard dent/bruise? (photos)

So I got butt implants about 2 months ago and so far everything has gone well. No fevers,incision is closed,I am back to normal life. However,I have a... READ MORE

How long before I can massage to make it softer? Or do you have any suggestions for me?

I had butt implant on 7/15/2015. It has been 20 days, when i touch, it is hard. READ MORE

Are you supposed to massage the butt implants?

Should you massage moving the butt implant from left to right up and down for two weeks? Moving the implants to much would cause the pocket to enlarge... READ MORE

How long should I feel tightness after butt implants?

So I got my surgery in February 2016. Thanks god not complications at all, some pain but normal. I'm always felt that the implant feels tighter on... READ MORE

Butt implants too high? Right implant is higher than left and feels harder: I've been advised to massage it? (photos)

Almost a year ago I had 300cc intramuscular implants placed. Unfortunately the desired results were not met as I feel the implants are placed too high... READ MORE

Shooting Pain in left leg after buttock implants. Any suggestions? (photo)

I am day 3 post butt implant surgery and I am having excruciating pain from my left butt cheek down to my left leg. After massage it seems to be worse... READ MORE

Is it normal for the incision for my buttock implants to get sore occasionally? 5 years post-op 2nd butt implant surgery.

It is in the sacrum and gets sore sometimes after showering or accidentally rubbing it. Anything I can do about it? The 2nd surgery was to... READ MORE

Butt massages after butt implants? What's all the hype behind this idea? Does it help?

It seems like a lot of overseas plastic surgeons recommend butt massages post butt implants and I'd like some input on whether it's beneficial or not... READ MORE

What can be done to reduce risk of capsular contracture for butt implant?

Should I squat regularly and take in vitamin E? Massage my glutes? I have autoimmune disease of the thyroid and it is under control but who knows. READ MORE

Is it normal to saw the stitches, the buttock implant 5 month ago? (Photos)

When i set down i feel the implant out and ifeel the edges but when i stand up its back to normal, and some time rotate and by massage it come bake in... READ MORE

Do I Have a Double Bubble?

I am close to 4 weeks post op. My surgeon insists everything is healing super well and with massages and time it will fill out the bottom part of the... READ MORE

1 month post op Butt implant, the implant is not similar there's one up and one down. Any suggestions? (photos)

My dr told me to massage the higher implant down every day to go down like the other one actualy he put 4 implant cause I asked him to make curve to... READ MORE

Am I supposed to massage my butt implants?

I'm curious if I'm suppose to massage my butt implants to help them settle down or should I just leave them alone? READ MORE

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