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One Brow Not Moving 1 Month After Brow Lift

My surgeon says to wait, and the movement will return. What could have happened? READ MORE

Eyebrow Disaster After Coronal Brow Lift

Had coronal brow lift, face lift, and lower blepharoplasty 4.5 mo.ago. Left eyebrow is 1”lower than right and left doesn't move. Lift left... READ MORE

One Eyebrow Still Paralyzed 9 Months After Coronal Brow Lift. Options?

One eyebrow is at least 1" inch lower than other now. Gives a "sinister" look.Botox on non-paralyzed side, but doesn't last. Slight... READ MORE

Who is the Best Surgeon to Repair Paralyzed Frontalis Muscle After a Coronal Brow Lift?

13 months after coronal brow-lift there is NO movement of left eyebrow at inner corner near nose. Outer eyebrow moves some and makes wrinkles. Looks... READ MORE

Is Pretrichial Brow Lift Possible if There is NO Forehead Skin After Coronal Brow Lift?

One eyebrow is almost 1 inch lower than other brow after paralysis of frontalis nerve following coronal lift 2.5 years ago. Can the pretrichial lift... READ MORE

After Browlift Surgery Will You Still Be Able to Have Movement in the Eyebrows? Will It Be Paralyze? If So for How Long?

I was thinking in having a brow lift and forehead reduction but I'm scared if I do I won't be able to make expressions or movements like before the... READ MORE

What Surgery is Best to Restore Paralyzed Inner Frontalis Muscle Now 18 Months After Coronal Brow Lift?

At 18 mo, left eyebrow is 1" lower than right eyebrow! Surgeon used Botox on right eye & on "drooping" left eye, but doesn't last. At 1 year, the... READ MORE

New Technique for Paralyzed Frontalis Nerve?

Anyone know if this technique would work for paralyzed frontalis nerve from brow lift? It's been 2 years, brows are grossly asymmetrical. Botox evens... READ MORE

Why Would a Dr Recommend a Direct Eyebrow Lift over Another Type?

I have facial paralysis and the Dr is going to fix my collapsing nose and do an eyebrow lift. He said he is going to do the kind where you have a scar... READ MORE

I just had a temporal brow lift -- two days post op and the right half of my forehead is paralyzed.

Surgeon said paralysis is likely permanent. I have researched on line and looks like this is a poor outcome which will change my face / forehead over... READ MORE

I had a nasal reconstruction surgery and eyebrow lift, but my eyelid still droops, why?

My nose was collapsing due to facial paralysis. The ENT did a reconstruction with cartilage. He also did an eyebrow lift as the FP was causing vision... READ MORE

Light Facial Paralysis? (Childhood Accident) (photo)

I didn't have any symmetry problems before when i was younger. I had many childhood accidents: i have an injury at the back of my head, a second one... READ MORE

What is an Eyebrow Lift Called when It is to Remove Drooping from Eyelid?

I have facial paralysis. My nose is collapsing. The doctor said he was going to repair the nose with an open procedure and lift the eyebrow by making... READ MORE

A deep horizontal line above my nose after Botox, how can I fix this? (Photos)

After injecting botox I have a deep horizontal above my nose. Please Tell me how can I get rid of it? Is it because my forehead is too much paralysed... READ MORE

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