Weight Gain + Breast Reduction

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Can Breast Tissue Grow Back After Breast Reduction?

Is it possible for breast tissue to grow back after a breast reduction? I had it done a couple of years ago and now my breasts look like they're the... READ MORE

After A Breast Reduction, Will Weight Gain Come Back To Breasts?

I had a breast reduction when i was 16 years old im now 21 and gained 35lbs since then all of which not in my breast. is it true that after you have... READ MORE

Will BCBS Cover a Breast Reduction and/or Belly Liposuction, As I Had a Lumbar Spinal Fusion and Laminctomy in April?

I gained over20 lbs in the yr befory surgury due to sevee pain and less activity. I am 5'2" and 150 lbs My breast size is a 38 DDD and my stomach loks... READ MORE

Breast Reduction for Teen Recommended? (photo)

I have a 15 yr old who, due to medications, weighs 191 and has breast size of 40 DD this weight gain has been over the past 2 yrs. She has a twin who... READ MORE

Would slight weight gain cause my breasts to get bigger?

I had breast reduction surgery in october, going from a 34 F to a 34 B and was so happy with the results. A month on, I think they might be growing... READ MORE

Breast Lipo FOr 19 Y/O With 28JJ Breasts?

I'm a 19 year old with 28jj breasts. I put on weight a few years ago which led to this big size. I have always had bigger breasts than my peers but... READ MORE

When I was 130lbs my bra size was 34B. Now I am 220lbs and I wear 40D. Will my breast size reduce with weight loss?

When I was 130lbs my bra size was 34B. Now I am 220lbs and I wear 40D. If I were to lose weight, would I have better chances of my breast size... READ MORE

Went from a H/I Aiming to Be a C/D, Breasts Getting Larger, Tissue Spreading Below Incision?

Out over 500cc in all. At the 6-week mark I was a 32 DD/DDD. I notice lately breast tissue seems to be spreading down below the horizontal incision at... READ MORE

Possible to Get Perky Breasts After Reduction and then Regrowth?

I had a breast reduction approx 6 years ago. I had put on weight quite quickly after the operation. And my breast grew back but the odd thing was that... READ MORE

Should I have a breast reduction before having kids? (Photo)

I am 25 years old, height 170cm, weight 76kg and currently wear a 32H. I've always had big breasts but after gaining some weight when I turned 20 my... READ MORE

Breast Reduction 10 Years Ago and Want it Again?

My breasts grew after my first BR surgery - I suspect it's due to menopause (not weight gain). , I'm 5'5" 130 with size 36DD. I would like my breasts... READ MORE

Saline Implants 16 Years Ago. Do They Need to Be Removed?

I had a breast reduction and had small crescent saline implanted. I have gained lot of weight since then. They seem hard and moved to the sides which... READ MORE

Would it be best to lose weight before breast reduction, to improve breast shape? (Photo)

Good evening, My breast cup was B-C before I gained weight. Now I'm losing weight. I'm wearing D cup and not satisfied with size and shape of my... READ MORE

Will exercising help reduce my breast size? Also, is it "safe" to do so in terms of my back? (Photo)

I have grown a massive amount in only a few months and am trying anything to get my size down. Is it safe to exercise if I am this size? READ MORE

How can I ease pressure on my incisions? What type of diet, detox & workout should I do while healing? (Photo)

I am 49, 5 2",130lb before surgery. Was a 38 DDD went to a 36-38 C. Use to be EF size which caused sagging. Had reduction in December 2014. Was not... READ MORE

I need information on a breast reduction. Any suggestions? (photos)

I used to be a 34a-b since begining menopause I am now a 34DD. I have also gained 15lbs. Now I'm 120,still to small to carry around these enormous... READ MORE

Can I get a breast reduction using Medi-Cal? (Photo)

I am overcoming depression after an sexual assault on a college campus. I just moved back to California and in need of getting my lofe back together.... READ MORE

Denied by insurance, any surgeons willing to help me? (Photos)

Hi, im looking for a plastic surgeon who can help me. Im 36 and my breasts are a 46 N-O. I have been turned away by several surgeons because I am... READ MORE

Is It Best to Loose Weight Before a Breast Reduction?

I was approved for breast reduction and I'm scared. I gain weight over the past year and I' m wondering if I should loose weight prior to surgery. Or... READ MORE

How much weight would I have to gain for breasts to grow following reduction surgery?

I had breast reduction surgery in october, going from a 34 F to a 34 B and was so happy with the results. A month on, I think they might be growing... READ MORE

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