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When Can You Fly After Breast Reduction and Lipo?

I am strongly considering having my surgery done in the States - if my doctors keep insisting on giving me a graft for my nipples! IF I were to do... READ MORE

How long before I can travel after a Breast Reduction and lift?

I am travelling on a long flight (24 hours) on August 6th. I want to get the surgeries done before leaving, preferably on 19th or 20th of July. How... READ MORE

I am 28yo with large cysts in my breasts. My breasts sag a lot for my age and always have, I want a reduction to fix this.

I live in Louisiana for school, but am considering going to Northern CA for the surgery, find it more expensive there though. Why? I am uninsured. READ MORE

How Safe is It to Go Travelling After Surgery?

I am 20 years old, I weigh 8st 11 and I have size 32HH breasts. My surgery is scheduled for February 2013. SCARED! to say the least. I am wanting to... READ MORE

Traveling after breast reduction?

I have a trip planed to Vegas in celebration of my birthday leaving July 31. My surgery is scheduled for July 7.. about 25 days before my trip. Is 25... READ MORE

Recommendations on breast reduction & lipo and info on aftercare, downtime before travel and scarring on dark skin? (Photo)

I'm 29 yrs and from the UK but living abroad Currently 32GG, 5' 10" originally of slim build but over the years have put on weight. I have however... READ MORE

Would it be a bad idea to fly across the country only 4 weeks after a Breast Reduction?

My family has a wedding going on just 4 weeks after my surgery. All I keep thinking of is traveling alone with my big suitcase...Should I skip this... READ MORE

How Long After BR Should I Wait to Travel?

I've been told I can have the procedure as early as next week, however, I have a trip planned for mid July (leaving the 17th which would be 12 days... READ MORE

Who specializes in breast reduction? I'm looking all over Florida. (Photos)

I will travel anywhere in the state but my next surgeon needs to be is reasonable with the amount of post-op visits. Even a hour drive when you're... READ MORE

Extended travel after Breast Reduction?

I've been wanting to get a breast reduction for over a year now, and the papers have finally come through. The problem is, I have been planning a trip... READ MORE

Breastfeeding after breast reduction - reduction of implants from previous surgery? (Photos)

I am hoping someone can tell me if it would be possible to have my previously augmented breasts (over the muscle from B to E cup) made smaller (with... READ MORE

Breast reduction, necrotic tissue, wound V.A.C., crucial work meeting.

I recently had a breast reduction and one breast had necrotic tissue and significant opening at the wound site. I used Silvadene and Nitropaste to get... READ MORE

How do I find a physician who has performed a lot of breast reductions on people my size?

Where do I go to see how many breast reductions a surgeon has performed? I am a size H. I would like my surgeon to have a lot of experience with my... READ MORE

My breast reduction surgery is booked for 3/1. Planning road trip from Canada-Orlando. Unexpected problems that occur with PO?

I am generally in good health, good weight etc. Just worried about what unexpected problems that occur with post op being 5 to 6 weeks and driving to... READ MORE

At six weeks post-op should I be healed enough to go packing through Europe?

I am considering getting a breast reduction this summer during my summer break. I also have the opportunity to go backpacking around Europe. Would six... READ MORE

5 weeks post op breast reduction. Noticed a split in incision. (photos)

I'm traveling and just noticed a little hole in my incision. It's dry and seems okay. No pain. Just worried it could get bad? My apt inst for a other... READ MORE

Breast Reduction: How long should I wait before travelling?

I will get a breast reduction in about 10 days and I want to know, how long do I have to wait before travelling? I would normally go to Las Vegas for... READ MORE

Is Surgery Abroad Necessary? Breast revision needed

2 years ago I had a breast reduction in LA. I travelled from Ireland all the way to a recommended surgeon. I will now need a breast revision as... READ MORE

Travel after breast reduction: choose flight layover or longer drive?

I'm traveling for a breast reduction and will be flying home on Day 4. Options: 1. Layover with less driving: 4:35 total flights + 40-minute layover +... READ MORE

Might be having a breast reduction early this Dec, but I have a trip planned for a 15 day hike to Everest Base camp in Apr 2017?

I will be going from a 34G to a 34D or C. I am on a training regime at the moment to prepare myself for the surgery, losing some weight and gaining... READ MORE

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