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2-26-13 I Had a Reduction from a DD to a B, They Removed 480 Grams from Each Side? (photo)

I have lost 100lbs in the past year and my breast were very thin and saggy, after my reduction they ended up very flat and pancake like, my doctor... READ MORE

I Had a BR 3 Months Ago - They Are Still Looking a Bit Sqaure - How Long Before They Might Round Out?

I had a breast reduction 3 months ago and went from about an F/G to a C cup (36 band). They are still kind of square and one nipple appears to be... READ MORE

What can be done about the odd shape of my breasts after a reduction? (photo)

I had the reduction a month ago, am healing well with no extra swelling or problems. They look exactly the same as they did after surgery, the only... READ MORE

I'm 6 weeks post breast reduction. My breasts are somewhat square and a little fat extend under my arms.

I want to lift weights to shape and contour breasts and eliminate excess fat. Is this possible after breast reduction? READ MORE

Are "square" breasts normal after reduction or do they go back to normal shape?

I had a breast reduction October 24th and my dr used the technique that leaves an anchor shaped scar. Around my nipple, down my breast, and then under... READ MORE

What does my surgeon mean when he says I will have a boxy shape after breast reduction?

What does it mean when the PS says i will have the anchor precedure for a BR and that usually leaves a boxy shape does that boxy shape usually go away READ MORE

Why Do Some Breast Look So Square...will They Adjust with Time?

Referring to the square appearance of some breast...not as round in terms of their protrusion...   I'm having a bilateral breast... READ MORE

Breasts still indented 7 months after BR? Uneven areolas & square breasts? (Photos)

Breasts still indented, left breast is a different shape than my right (more square-like) and my areola are different heights. My Dr said the indents... READ MORE

When will swelling and squared look go away after breast reduction surgery?

My breast reduction surgery was done on 6/24/2015. They are all bruised and swollen but what bothers me is they have a square shape and are very... READ MORE

Is this normal or abnormal and what are my options? I'm 14 months post breast reduction, breast lift and nipple graft (Photo)

I'm still in a significant amount of pain, my breast were supposed to be a 36C or close to it nd they aren't. They are flat and boxed shaped so I am... READ MORE

Square shape breasts after reduction? How likely?

I want to reduce my 28G breasts to a B/C cup. I've seen some after photos and in some the breasts appear a bit square after the procedure. I'm just... READ MORE

Swelling on the outer sides of my breasts/under my armpits is making my breasts look square (3 weeks p.o). Will this improve?

I am 21 days post-surgery, and my PS took 1500 g from each breast. The scars are healing really well, but I have a lot of swelling on the outer sides... READ MORE

Had breast reduction and lift using anchor technique – anxious that this was not best option. Can a revision be done if needed?

I had a breast reduction 3 weeks ago - 34DD, 5'4 and ideal weight. Hoping for B/C cup. I'm starting to get the impression from doctor's answers that... READ MORE

What can be done to make these boobs look hot again? (Photos)

I had a breast reduction over ten years ago and will soon be having a tummy tuck. I would like to do something about my breasts. They look squared-off... READ MORE

Advice on issues with breast reduction surgery? (Photo)

I had breast reduction surgery done in April of last year (2016). I still have very bad scarring on the outer and inner edges of the scar under my... READ MORE

How is tissue removed during a breast reduction so that each breast is symmetrical in shape and size?

I've seen some photos on RealSelf of women's breasts post operatively and they are square on bottom of one breast, flat on the other side, concave on... READ MORE

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