Spitting Stitches + Breast Reduction

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I'm Spitting a Stitch 18wks Post Op from a BR, and It's Infected. How Can I Treat It Until my PS Gets Back in Town? (photo)

I am 18 wks post op and spitting a stitch. My PS is out of town; I have an appt with him in 6 days. I visited my primary care manager in the mean... READ MORE

Concern About Spitting Sutures for a Touch Up? (photo)

I had the breast reduction surgery 4 months ago. My breast size is pretty good, but the left breast is flatter on top. My PS will give me a touch up... READ MORE

Is this normal? (Photo)

I am about 5 weeks post op breast reduction. The only complication I had was a few spitting stiches in the right breast that my surgeon removed in his... READ MORE

How long can stitches spit after a breast reduction and lift?

Had a breast reduction and lift on march 22, 2015 . I don't see the stitch it is scabbed over . I used provide on it seems to heal it the fast . miner... READ MORE

How much asymmetry is acceptable after a breast reduction? (Photo)

I had my surgery in March 2016. I am still having some healing issues with spitting stitches leaving a pockmark type scar as well. My main question is... READ MORE

Blisters and spitting stitches 9 weeks post Breast reduction. Any suggestions? (photos)

A week ago I noticed blisters forming along the scars on the undersides of both breasts. They filled with liquid & became painful. The blisters burst... READ MORE

Inverted Nipple and Spitting Stitches (Photo)

So overall I am pretty pleased with the results of my breast reduction (F cup to C/D cup) but there are issues on both sides. On one side, the nipple... READ MORE

Breast reduction post-op 7 weeks. Internal swelling after exercise on one side. Is it normal? (Photos)

I had a breast reduction a little over 7 weeks ago with issues with the left breast. A month after the procedure, stitches were "spitting." I went to... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction and lift 3 weeks ago. Spitting stitches causing dehiscence? (photo)

My breast were healing fine, only thing is I could feel some stitches coming through if I ran my hand down my incision. This morning I woke up to... READ MORE

3/14/17 BL & reduction. Had spitting sutures 6-7 weeks post op out on both sides, healed, except 1 spot still not heal? (Photos)

I had a suture that we cut and it started to heal but opened back up a week later. The first pic is my breast not seeing the irritation it's... READ MORE

3 weeks post breast reduction: pus on intersection what should I do to help heal faster? (Photo)

Should I use silver sulfadiazine? My Dr didn't recommend anything until I told her give me a cream so she said you can you use that if you want. Is... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction on 12/30/03 and I am still spitting stitches an average of 2-4/year. Is this normal?

They are very difficult to remove since they feel like fishing line and are almost always still tied in knots. They poke thru my skin and snag and rub... READ MORE

How to get rid of hanging spit suture 5 weeks after breast reduction? And how long a small open wound takes to heal? (photo)

I'm five weeks post breast reductionI have a spit surture my dr told me to deal with it home and put warm water on it every lady day.. but it didn't... READ MORE

Breast reduction 4 weeks post op incision splitting a lot? (Photos)

I had a breast reduction 4 weeks ago and for some reason my incision going down split completely open. I was directed to cut abd pads soaked in saline... READ MORE

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