Smoking + Breast Reduction

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Smoking and Breast Reduction?

My Breast Reduction + Lipo is scheduled for next week, but i JUST quit smoking (its only 6 days away). Do i HAVE to reschedule?? I really cant afford... READ MORE

Will Smoking Hookah Negatively Effect my Nipples During Surgery?

During breast reduction surgery will my nipples die if I have smoked hookah during 3 times during the past six months. I know the nurse said if I... READ MORE

I Stupidly Smoked Cigarettes 10 Days Before Breast Reduction, Will This Affect My Surgery?

I have always been a social smoker. I know that doesn't matter, that its still bad. I usually only have about 5 a month. I had a couple of drinks at... READ MORE

Does Smoking Cause Open Wounds and Infection on a Breast Reduction?

I am also curious as to why I have mixed stories from different doctors in regards to smoking and the affects before and after surgery. I have talked... READ MORE

How Long Do I Need To Quit Smoking Cigarettes Before Breast Reduction? (photo)

Hi how soon can u do a breast reduction after you have seen your patient can it a week after cause i go see my dr june4th and im really hoping he does... READ MORE

Does Smoking Slow Down the Healing Process in Breast Reduction Surgery?

Does Smoking Slow Down the Healing Process in Breast Reduction Surgery? READ MORE

Does GEHA Cover Breast Reduction?

I'm a 46 yr old 5'0" female weighing 116 lbs. I'm a 36DD and would like to reduce to a 36B. I've experienced all the symptoms;... READ MORE

Smoked a Cigarette 3 Days Post Breast Implant Removal, Will I Heal Okay?

I Smoked a Cigarett 3 Days Post my Breast Implant Removal, Will They Not Heal, I Wont Smoke Again READ MORE

One month until surgery, is vaping 0mg nicotine okay?

I am scheduled for a breast reduction and lift on December 12th. I have been driving myself crazy with worry over being a smoker and I WILL be... READ MORE

I Smoked and my Surgery 2 Days Away! Reschedule?

I just read the section on smoking and feeling quite anxious now. I'm scheduled for surgery in 2 days and wondering if I should reschedule.... READ MORE

I Smoke 1 Cigarette/wk. My Surgery is Friday, Last One Was Saturday. Can I Have One Today, Tues?

I smoke one cigarette maybe once a week if that. I have my BR surgery this coming Friday, my last was Saturday and today is Tuesday, can i smoke just one? READ MORE

Is It OK To Be Exposed to Second Hand Smoke 10 Days Before Breast Reduction Surgery?

An ex smoker for a month now, I have been exposed to 2 hours of second hand smoke & my Breast Reduction surgery is in 10 days. I read how... READ MORE

I'm 26 and healthy, can I smoke ultra light cigarettes before my Breast Reduction and be ok? (photo)

Ok so I was told to quit smoking 2 days prior to surgery and 2 weeks after which I thought would be a piece of cake because I have wanted this breast... READ MORE

Is it okay to smoke Hookah before surgery?

I smoked a little hookah last night..and by little I mean 30 seconds. My surgery is March 31...should I be okay for surgery if I don't smoke anymore? READ MORE

I have been smoking marijuana after my breast reduction surgery? (photos)

 No tobacco just rolled in papers will this affect my healin. Breast reduction wounds and I got a free nipple graft is it definite that I... READ MORE

Is it safe to smoke marijuana after having a breast reduction?

Hi, I just got a breast reduction about 5 days ago & I was wondering if it would be safe if I smoked marijuana. I have my medical marijuana card due... READ MORE

Is Smoking one cigarrette a week before surgury going to give me complications.

I'm having a BR in one week, I stupidly couldn't help giving into temptation of having a cigarrett just once last night. Am I doomed? READ MORE

Smoking and anesthesiologist for breast reduction. Am I at risk?

I have surgery in five days. I quit smoking in January but started up again (not heavy) about a month ago. My file now says I'm a non smoker. The... READ MORE

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