Smell + Breast Reduction

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Smelly Yellow Discharge 4 Weeks Post-Breast Reduction

Hello Doctor says this is normal, just excess tissue leaving through the incision. He said the incision is called a deer claw incision and this is... READ MORE

I noticed an odor from right breast incision, causing leakage and offensive smell. Is this normal? (photos)

Hi,over the last couple of days I have noticed an odour form my right breast,it's not foul more a weeping smell I do what've some yellowish fluid... READ MORE

Smell from breasts 3 weeks post Breast Reduction.

I notice a smell when I remove my surgical bra to shower. I have no fever, no real pain and there is no drainage on the pads I have over the tape and... READ MORE

Is Leakage Common After Drains Are Removed After Breast Reduction?

I had my reduction 2 weeks ago the drains were removed a week ago and everything was going well now I have leakage from my left breast that has a... READ MORE

I have a yellow, smelly discharge 2 weeks after Breast Reduction surgery. Is this normal?

I have recently discovered some smelly yellow discharge on the steri drips that have fallen off the incisions, 2 weeks afterbreast reduction surgery.... READ MORE

Bad smelling pus and old blood oozing from breast after reduction 11 days after surgery (photos)

I had bad pain two days before, my right breast was also hot. My doc put me on amoxicillin. As I took off the tape ( I had itching under) I pulled on... READ MORE

Right areole and nipple 2 weeks pp breast reduction what is going on, how can I fix it should I go to emergency room? (photo)

I've called and seen my dr several times and he never gives me clear answers and acts as if this is normal and ok my left breast looks great but my... READ MORE

Large breast reduction but now have nipple necrosis. It smells like something dead

Had surgery in nov 2015. I had really big breasts 48dd. also one breast had undergone lumpectomy and radiation. that breast was smaller than the other... READ MORE

Foul smelling yellow/greenish pus coming from breast reduction surgical wound. Is this normal? (Photos)

Hello Im a 24 year old female and I'm 31 days post opt from breast reduction reduction. Within the last week I have notice some stinging and sporadic... READ MORE

I had breast reduction surgery 2 mos ago, I have had a smelly discharge for the last 25 days. Is this normal?

According to my surgeon,that is a normal discharge,that will stop eventually,I have no pain or fever,I have completed the third course of antibiotics... READ MORE

Is my wound infected? (Photo)

6 weeks since breast reduction surgery. I still have an open wound on my right breast in the T incision area. My doctor keeps saying it's not infected... READ MORE

Help me please 6 weeks breast reduction postpartum necrosis having some pain and smells. Any suggestions?

Hey I have necrosis from a breast reduction surgery my plastic surgeon said he removed all of it and that was 1 week ago I still see some brown at the... READ MORE

3 months post-op Breast Reduction, I have formed a fistula and having fat necrosis drainage. When will it stop???

I had my breast reduction 7/26/16 and had some major problems with my left nipple and areola. I lost my nipple, and I have a rather deep fistula. I... READ MORE

Do I have an infection from breast reduction? (Photo)

A few days ago I notice a foul smell along with a little pus coming from my incision under my breast. Today there was a lot more pus and the smell is... READ MORE

How serious is gangrenous after a breast reduction and I lost approximately 40% tissue damage in one breast, is that serious?

Breast reduction on 3/7/17/ Days after a breast reduction I started swelling, redness, fever, smell ,vomiting etc. My follow up was 3/18/17 he did a... READ MORE

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