Shoulder Pain + Breast Reduction

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I am a 16 year old girl. My breasts are size 32DDD. Is breast reduction surgery a good idea?

I am a 16 year old girl. My breasts are size 32DDD. I play softball and I have severe shoulder issues trying to support the extreme weight. I had to... READ MORE

Is Tension Knots in my Neck and Shoulders Due to Size 34G Bra Size?

I am a 34G and have really bad knots in my shoulder and neck. I wanted to know if I got a breast reduction, would it help tp relax my shoulders? I... READ MORE

I am 53. My breast are 44DD.

I have had serious should/neck problems over the last two or three years. MRI revealed two tears. Thre is numbness running down from my shoulder to my... READ MORE

I'm only 18 yrs old, but my breasts are already up to a 34L (UK sizing). How long should I wait for a Breast Reduction? (photo)

I have an average body type but my breasts make me look bigger than i really am and it has caused a lot of teasing in school and even around family... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Reduction with my Insurance

I am currently 24 years old 111-114lbs and wear a D cup or DD if the brand runs small. I try to exercise by doing something low impact such as pilates... READ MORE

Can I Get Breast Reduction for Free or Lowest Cost?

Can I get breast reduction for free? I have 38DD breasts at 5'5. I've had so much pain most of my life, and can't walk. I have seen a chiropractor... READ MORE

Breast Reduction For JJ Cup With Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO?

I've gone through two rounds of PT, anti-inflammation medication and muscle relaxers. My pcp bought up the idea of a breast reduction; however, I... READ MORE

How Does the Breast Reduction Surgery Differ for Low Density Vs. High Density Breasts?

I am 45yo with sagging, 40E breasts which cause neck pain, shoulder pain, and headaches. My mammogram tech always tells me I have the best breasts for... READ MORE

I'm 17 and I Want a Breast Reduction.

I am a small person, I am about 5'1 and I feel that my breasts are extremely out of proportion to my body, and it makes me uncomfortable and upset... READ MORE

Do I meet the requirements for breast reduction? (Photo)

I am 5'3 150 pounds 36 DDD breast... I have extremely bad back and shoulder pain... I also slought over because my breast are so heavy and gives me... READ MORE

I am a J cup. Can I get a breast reduction? Am I a candidate for Insurance coverage? What cup size could I get down to? (Photo)

I am 5'4, a 38j cup (38GG in uk sizing) I have severe back, neck/shoulder, spine& chest pains, i strained my cartilage under my right breast. I HAVE... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Went Wrong: Will Insurance Cover a Revision?

I tried to have a breast reduction 14 years ago but the doctor did one side and let a resident do the other. It was a disaster and after two more... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Having Insurance Cover my Breast Reduction?

50 years old, 5'8" and 210lbs. Currently I am a 42DD. Last year I weighed 240, even with wight loss breast size has not decreased. I've... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Reduction? (38D, 127lbs, 5'0)

I'm 18 years old. Currently, I wear a 38D bra. I'm 5ft and weight 127lbs due to gaining muscle at the gym. If I look in the mirror, I find... READ MORE

Will Amerigroup pay for breast reduction or lift?

I am going on 10 years of chronic upper back pain. The pain is under my shoulder blades up through the middle to my neck. I am 4'9" wearing a d cup... READ MORE

My daughter is 14 years old 4'9 with a 38DD breast and her back and shoulders hurt all the time. (Photo)

She wears a jacket in 80 degrees are higher, because she is so ashamed of them, can you please help us. READ MORE

Would I Qualify for Breast Reduction for Free, and Whats the Process?

I'm 19 years old. Full time college student in New York. I am 5'1. My bra size is 40DD. I been having a lot of back, neck, shoulder, aches. I already... READ MORE

I'm 14 years old. Could I get a breast reduction at such a young age?

I'm 14 years of age and My breasts are 34DDD. I have terrible back pain, shoulder pain, and whenever I lay down it's extremely painful for some... READ MORE

Can a 15 year old get a breast reduction?

I'm 15 and I'm 5'4 and 125lbs. My breast size is 32DDD. They cause me a lot of pain in my neck, shoulders, and back. It's hard to exercise because... READ MORE

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