Separation + Breast Reduction

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I Am 9 Weeks Post Breast Reduction Surgery. I Have Experienced Quite a Few Post Operative Problems, Are They Normal? (photo)

I had separation and infection of the incisions and also a hematoma in the right breast. I now have tissue retraction bilaterally. The right side is... READ MORE

Is This Wound Separation?

I started noticing some yellow on the bottom of my breast incision. I also noticed some redness. I think it may be wound separation. HELP!? READ MORE

How Do I Care for This Wound Separation? (photo)

I have wound separation and large hard spots under each breast. I'm on antibiotics for poss infection. One of the scabs near my areola came off so... READ MORE

Wound Separation a Little Ovber a Month Post BR? (photo)

I had a BBR on 6/18/12. I'm dealing with wound separations that 'seem' to be progressing positively.. though it's hard to tell and a lot like watching... READ MORE

How Long Until I Am "Out of the Woods" for Wound Separation?

I am 10 days post op. My tape has been removed and things look good so far. My question is how long after surgery does the potential complication of... READ MORE

4 weeks post up from breast reduction and lipo, is this wound separation infected/serious? (photos)

Went to see my doctor earlier this week and be said that the open wound was normal and should start to heal in 2 to 3 weeks. I've been experiencing... READ MORE

How long does it usually take for a wound separation to close? (photo)

I'm almost at the four week mark since my reduction. Everything looks great other than this small separation around my areola. It started over two... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to speed up the healing of my Breast Reduction? (photos)

I had my BR on 4/11. I had wound seperation and a second surgery to fix it on 5/9. Today 5/15 I noticed it was open again :( My surgeon is seeing me... READ MORE

3 weeks post breast reduction. Wound healing problem? Separation? (Photo)

Had br on Oct 29th. I had drains, removed before I went home. Steri strips used. No oozing or blood on gauze. two week check up, Steri strips replaced... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction & now have wound separation. How well will this heal and what would cause this? (Photo)

My PS acts like this is no big deal but it looks like a very big deal to me. This started out small and has quadrupled in size over the last 2 weeks.... READ MORE

How long will my breast reduction take to heal? (photo)

I have had breast reduction surgery 19 days ago and I have necrosis and wound seperation. How long do you think this will take to heal/close - what... READ MORE

How Can I Prevent Incision Separation or "Holes" Following Surgery?

I don't remember the name of the technique being used but my size now is 38DD. Surgery date is 9/18/13. Incision separation is the scariest part of... READ MORE

Is this wound common with breast reduction surgery one month later, and how do I help it heal? (photo)

I had a breast reduction one month ago. I have had to move 5 states away from my surgeon. I'm not sure if the separation wound I have is normal or not... READ MORE

Best treatment for wound separation? (photos)

I'm two weeks post-op and have separation at the inverted T on one breast and at the T at the areola on the other. The nurse told me to apply... READ MORE

Is my T Junction Infected or Separating?

I had a breast reduction 16 days ago yesterday I noticed a very small amount of yellow discharge on my dressing today there was no discharge but I... READ MORE

Could Synthroid cause wound breakdown or slow healing? Should I stop taking it until I heal? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction on Feb 4, 8 weeks ago today. My incision started separating 2 weeks after and has continued to get worse since. I am seen... READ MORE

Hello had a reduction 23 days (Photo)

Is this normal separation under left breast my ps says it is but i am getting worried cause its getting bigger READ MORE

Which week should I be healed from having a Bilateral Breast reduction?

I am on my sixth week from having a Bilateral breast reduction and I am not healed. My left breast "separated" underneath and then to my nipple by the... READ MORE

Have any PS' s here used MediHoney for wound healing?

I just had a breast reduction 3 weeks ago. Healing is going well with the exception of some minor separation. I prefer homeopathic remedies and a... READ MORE

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