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Breast Reduction - Signs of Nipple Necrosis?

I just had a Breast reduction 5 days ago. I went for 3 day check up and dr said everything looked normal but Im still scared bc I didnt see them until... READ MORE

Nipple Numbness After Breast Reduction

I had a breast reduction a few days ago and I went back to the dr for a check up and he rubbed my L nipple and asked if I could feel and I said no.... READ MORE

Is it common to have numbness or tingling feeling in right hand after Breast reduction?

My right has been numb and tingling since I woke up from Breast reduction surgery. I had my breast reduction 6/1/15. 2 of my fingers n my thumb is... READ MORE

Numbness in Breast After 4 Years Surgery(breast Reduction) ?

I have had a breast surgery (breast reduction) back in nov '09, so its been almost 4 years. I went from a double D to a B cup. But I still do not have... READ MORE

Im 170 and 5'5 , Will Tricare Cover my Breast Reduction?

Im 170 and 5'5 and I wear a 36ddd. I have severe headaches and back and neck pain, my doctor prescribed me some meds to take everyday and I see a... READ MORE

Will my Nipple Projection Come Back? (photo)

I'm 3 weeks post op from a breast reduction, and I'm very happy with my results! I was a 38H, and I'm now fitting into a 38D. I had 1025gr on the... READ MORE

Does having large breasts cause shoulder pains and arm numbness? (photos)

For the past month now, I've been experiencing sharp shoulder pains and a numbing sensation in my arms. I haven't been doing anything different in my... READ MORE

2 weeks post-op Breast Reduction, Left Breast has Numbness and is a little hard in addition to swelling, should I be concerned?

I had a breast reduction on march 3. Everything went well, one breast was DD and another a D so the doctor brought me down to a C. I have had no... READ MORE

My breast started leaking after my breast reduction is that normal? (photo)

I had a breast reduction three weeks ago. I have no feeling in the lower half of my breast but i was told that that was to be expected. There are two... READ MORE

6 Weeks post Breast Reduction. Still have pulling, tingling & numbness. Is it possible to have a revision prior to 6 months?

I had a breast reduction six weeks ago but I'm still really large. The weight is pulling on my shoulders and neck and now I'm feeling tingling/... READ MORE

Severe itching and numb spots after Breast Reduction...any way to sooth the itch? (5 weeks post op)

I'm 5 weeks post op with a breast reduction. I experienced burning/prickly sensations on my breast for a few weeks and for the most part that has... READ MORE

2 months post op of Breast Reduction, I developed hematoma. I have been massaging it. Are there any other suggestions?

My Breast Reduction was preformed on April 9, 2014 and I developed a hematoma (ping-pong ball sized?) in the right breast. My Dr. says to massage it... READ MORE

Congenial Nipple Numbness?

My nipples were numb even before my breast reduction. Can anything be done, even surgically, that will allow me to have some sensation? READ MORE

Why have my breasts grown from a 34d to a 42dd over three yrs?

Hi, within three years i have had two spine ops, i eat fresh veg and fruit which equals 500cals a day, i have no back fat but my breasts are very... READ MORE

I Had Breast Reduction and my Nipples Are Still Numb. Will I Ever Regain Full Sensation?

I had a breast reduction about 1 ½ years ago and I have regained some sensation in my nipples but I can't properly feel temperature (such as cold ... READ MORE

How long does it take to regain feeling in the breasts post reduction?

I have a numb feeling in both breasts, and complete nipple sensation, almost hypersensitivity in the nipples. How long does it take for feeling to... READ MORE

Left nipple darker than right after breast reduction. Is this normal? (Photo)

I am 5 days post op, and while I am healing quickly with virtually no pain, I've noticed that I have feeling in my right nipple, but my left is still... READ MORE

Can you go from a 38H to DD? 21 years old. Breast reduction/lift scars?

I'm 21 years old, about 160. ( I do need to lose about 30 pounds) my breasts have always been very large. They are extremely saggy and not full at all... READ MORE

How do I find a Dr. in Pueblo Colorado who takes Medicaid? (Photo)

I have deformity and numbness in the neck and shoulder area. It causes sleeping discomfort. It is also the major cause of my self-esteem and... READ MORE

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