Necrosis + Breast Reduction

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How Long Before Tissue Necrosis Heals After Breast Reduction?

I had a breast reduction done back in december and am pleased with the results other than one of my breasts is still open at the inverse T. It is... READ MORE

Areola and Nipple Have Died - What Happens Now?

After a breast reduction and lift, my areola and nipple have died. what should happen now. I go back to my Dr. tomorrow. READ MORE

Breast Reduction - Signs of Nipple Necrosis?

I just had a Breast reduction 5 days ago. I went for 3 day check up and dr said everything looked normal but Im still scared bc I didnt see them until... READ MORE

One of my Nipples Has Turned Completely Black After Breast Reduction, What Should I Do? (Photos)

I underwent surgery 15 days ago. I went from a 36H to a 36D after a week or so my right nipple started to bleeding and turned black. My plastic... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Necrotic Areolas, Nipples and Attached Scar?

6 wks ago full breast reduct. w/ liposuc of 500cc+ each side and had hematoma on right breast 9 hrs later fixed w/ suction of area, drain cleaned;... READ MORE

Is my Nipple Dying After Breast Reduction? (photo)

I had breast reduction surgery on November 9, 2011. Today is November 19, 2011. My surgery did not include a free nipple graft. I am concerned about... READ MORE

What Can You Do when Your Nipple is Gone After a Breast Reduction

I had a breast reduction about a month ago and they skin graft my areolas and nipples and when the dressing was remove from my areolas and nipples I... READ MORE

Fat Necrosis 18 Months After Breast Reduction. Will Anything Other Than Surgery Help?

The fat necrosis has caused my nipple to pull inward. Also, my nipple is often itchy. Is there any way other than surgery to sort this out?... READ MORE

I Had my Breast Reduction 5 Days Back, Nipple Partiall Black, Could This Be Necrosis?

On the 2nd day post op, the surgeon came to have a look at my breasts and did not observe anything unusual. Yesterday (4th day post op), I went to get... READ MORE

Nipple: Infection/Necrosis, Fat Necrosis, or Normal? 4 Weeks Post BR (photo)

My other post was 'Uneven Healing Post BR'. Pics below from 12/21. BR 11/26. Foul, nauseating odor noticeable through pads/clothes for a week now. No... READ MORE

Nipple Areola Necrosis? (photo)

I wanted to get feed back as to if It looks like its healing properly, I put the silverdene on it everymorning what changes will I expect? When If... READ MORE

Is reduction revision surgery what is needed for eliminating hard scar tissue inside of a breast? (photo)

I have hardened scar tissue in both breasts, where there was necrosis during the healing process, after a breast reduction. These knots make self... READ MORE

After Breast Reduction, Experiencing Open Wound and Drainage. Should I Have Surgery to find Necrosis?

I had a breast reduction in November 2011. As of February 2012 I still have an open wound and fat neucrosis drainage. This occurs along the edge of an... READ MORE

Fat Necrosis After Breast Reduction, Lump Growing?

In 4/12 I had a breast reduction. I understand fat necrosis is a risk. I've since had the biopsied, we're looking at necrosis. The biopsy was... READ MORE

Do my nipples look like they are healing properly? (Photo)

I had reduction surgery three days ago (7/23). I just don't know what is normal bruising and blood, and what isn't. I was told the one side did have a... READ MORE

Am I having the start of nipple necrosis? (photos)

I am 8 days post-op after a bilateral breast reduction. A total of 5lbs was removed. Everything looks to be healing up just fine so far with the... READ MORE

What are the Risks in Having a Second Breast Reduction?

I'm from UK. First Breast reduction (in 2000) used the Superior Pedicle technique according to the surgeon. I would appreciate any advice or tips.... READ MORE

Does Hyper Baric Treatment Works with Breast Necrosis? (photo)

Hi, I had a breast reduction surgery from 2 months My left breast is already healed from 1 month ago but I got breast necrosis in my right breast... READ MORE

How Common is Necrosis After Breast Reduction? How Will Affect Final Result? (photo)

I am very worried. 5 weeks out. I am in a lot of pain. My breasts are completely different sizes and the nipples are weird shapes. How long should I... READ MORE

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