Menstruation + Breast Reduction

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Post Breast Reduction: Does Breast Ache Still Occur During the Premenstrual Cycle?

I am a 36DD and premenstrual my breast swell up to a ddd and ache. Will they still do this with a breast lift or reduction? READ MORE

Is There a Way my Dr. Can Delay my Period So I Wont Have It for my Breast Reduction Surgery?

It appears I will be getting my period about a day or 2 into my recovery after a breast reduction. I really dont want the extra hassle of dealing with... READ MORE

What insurance will cover a breast reduction? I'm now a 38DDD...(photo)

I'm 32 years old and in less than a year, I went from a 38DD to now a 38DDD. I try to exercise but, it is difficult with the additional weight of my... READ MORE

Breast Swelling Due to PMS Coinciding with Surgery. Will This Effect the Operation?

Greetings and thank you all for this wonderful service. I am scheduled to undergo breast reduction surgery next week and have realized that this date... READ MORE

Can breast reduction surgery delay your period?

I have always had an irregular period, I am 8 days late and just wanted to see if this is something common after breast reduction. READ MORE

How Can I Control my Cycle Before Breast Reduction?

My name is Maria. I 'm 31year old I weight 170 pounds I'm 5'2 tall. My bra size is 44ddd I am going to have breast reduction surgery on october and i... READ MORE

Reduction around your period?

Is it bad to have your breast reduction scheduled the week before or right when you start your period? My breasts get pretty tender and swollen during... READ MORE

i was told my breast are measuring in at the typical 32 DD/DDD, but I don't have much tissue to remove. What does this mean?

23 years old, no children, weigh 123 lbs, 5'4 with an average body fat percentage of 18% (based on Bod Pod calculations). I currently wear a 32 DD/DDD... READ MORE

I am wondering if it is safe for me to get a breast reduction. I'm 17... Should my breasts be done growing?

If it helps: I've heard things about how puberty can be an indicator- I began menstruating three and a half years ago, but am not regular. Also my... READ MORE

sensitive breast and small white dry discharge. Please tell me is it because of the breast reduction? (photos)

Hi ,31 yrs i have done breast reduction May 2015 . For almost three months i was late with my period and had very sore breast and it felt full but... READ MORE

I took about 1600mg of ibuprofen throughout the day and my breast reduction surgery is in 57 hours.

I know I should speak with my surgeon about this, and I will. I would just like to get a general consensus about that. What would you say if your... READ MORE

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