G To C Cup + Breast Reduction

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Possible to Go from a G Cup to a C Cup with Breast Reduction?

Im considering a breast reduction and I was wondering how many grams of tissue should I have removed to go from a g cup to a c. i'm 170 pounds and i'm... READ MORE

Breast Reduction from a G to a C/D Cup. is It Possible? (photo)

I have been in a G cup bra for a couple years now. I have had back problems since I was 16 due to large breasts. I have been going to the gym and have... READ MORE

Red and raised scars 6 weeks after Breast Reduction, 20 years old, 32G to 32C. (photo)

It has now been six weeks and I have gotten to go ahead from my doctor to start scar treatments (massage with bio oil 2x daily) and resume all normal... READ MORE

I Had a BR 3 Months Ago - They Are Still Looking a Bit Sqaure - How Long Before They Might Round Out?

I had a breast reduction 3 months ago and went from about an F/G to a C cup (36 band). They are still kind of square and one nipple appears to be... READ MORE

Left Breast Not Healing After Surgery? (photo)

I and 28 went from a 42G to a 38C (had back, breathing problems and unable to sleep) I had breask reduction surgery 3 weeks ago at first I was healing... READ MORE

What is the Smallest Size I Can Hope For?

I am 5.2 175 lbs and a 38 g-h. I am going to finally get a reduction. I want to.go to a c cup. I want my.nipples smaller too. How small could I go? READ MORE

Losing/ Maintaining Weight After Breast Reduction Surgery?

I booked for my breast reduction surgery in November. As per my doctor, I will go from G to C size (she will do what suits my frame). I've been told... READ MORE

38G to 36D

I am 42 years old and wear a 38G bra. I have serious back and shoulder pain. I also have skin sensitivity under my breast. My breast are so heavy that... READ MORE

Post operatively activity and sleeping? (photos)

I wasn't really given any clear concise directions postoperatively. I'm really not sure how high I can lift my arms what my lifting restrictions are... READ MORE

Saggy Breasts From Weight Loss. Is This Amount of Reduction Possible?

My breasts are saggy due to losing 9 stones. My current size is 35 or 36 f/g and would like to be a c cup. Is this possible? READ MORE

I'm Going to Get a Reduction and Was Wondering How Much Weight I Would Lose Going From G-C Cup?

I'm currently size 34 G, weigh 130 pounds and am 5 foot 3 tall. I'm looking to go down to around a C cup. Will I weigh less after the surgery... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Candidate? G to C Possible?

I am a 32 G cup. I am 5'1 and weigh 145 lbs. Is it ok to get a breast reduction down to a C cup? READ MORE

What if I don't like the surgeon I got authorized for my Breast Reduction? (photos)

My name is Rachel and I am 20 years old. I am 5'3 and weight about 165 lbs with 36G breasts. I am planning to lose weight, and even at about... READ MORE

I Am 5'7 150 Pounds and Want to Get a Breast Reduction from 40 Inches (30 G) to Possible a C?

I am 5'7 150 pounds and want to get a breast reduction from 40 inches (30 G) to possible a C cup. My measurements are 40-28.5-35. The size of my chest... READ MORE

Minimally invasive breast reduction?

I am 46 yrs old, 5'7, 140 lbs with 36 G breasts. I was always curvy but my breasts have taken over. It seemed to occur with my last pregnancy 5 yrs... READ MORE

G to C Reasonable For a 160lbs, 6'6?

Hi, I am 22. 160lbs and 6'6. I am currently a G cup and would like to go down to a C. Is that a reasonable size to go down to? READ MORE

Breast reduction: Should I lose weight before or after?

I am having a reduction in March. I hope to go from a saggy, uneven 32g to something like a perky c. My breasts change size and shape considerably... READ MORE

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