G To C Cup + Breast Reduction

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Possible to Go from a G Cup to a C Cup with Breast Reduction?

Im considering a breast reduction and I was wondering how many grams of tissue should I have removed to go from a g cup to a c. i'm 170 pounds and i'm... READ MORE

Breast Reduction from a G to a C/D Cup. is It Possible? (photo)

I have been in a G cup bra for a couple years now. I have had back problems since I was 16 due to large breasts. I have been going to the gym and have... READ MORE

Red and raised scars 6 weeks after Breast Reduction, 20 years old, 32G to 32C. (photo)

It has now been six weeks and I have gotten to go ahead from my doctor to start scar treatments (massage with bio oil 2x daily) and resume all normal... READ MORE

I Had a BR 3 Months Ago - They Are Still Looking a Bit Sqaure - How Long Before They Might Round Out?

I had a breast reduction 3 months ago and went from about an F/G to a C cup (36 band). They are still kind of square and one nipple appears to be... READ MORE

Left Breast Not Healing After Surgery? (photo)

I and 28 went from a 42G to a 38C (had back, breathing problems and unable to sleep) I had breask reduction surgery 3 weeks ago at first I was healing... READ MORE

What is the Smallest Size I Can Hope For?

I am 5.2 175 lbs and a 38 g-h. I am going to finally get a reduction. I want to.go to a c cup. I want my.nipples smaller too. How small could I go? READ MORE

Losing/ Maintaining Weight After Breast Reduction Surgery?

I booked for my breast reduction surgery in November. As per my doctor, I will go from G to C size (she will do what suits my frame). I've been told... READ MORE

Saggy Breasts From Weight Loss. Is This Amount of Reduction Possible?

My breasts are saggy due to losing 9 stones. My current size is 35 or 36 f/g and would like to be a c cup. Is this possible? READ MORE

38G to 36D

I am 42 years old and wear a 38G bra. I have serious back and shoulder pain. I also have skin sensitivity under my breast. My breast are so heavy that... READ MORE

Post operatively activity and sleeping? (photos)

I wasn't really given any clear concise directions postoperatively. I'm really not sure how high I can lift my arms what my lifting restrictions are... READ MORE

I'm Going to Get a Reduction and Was Wondering How Much Weight I Would Lose Going From G-C Cup?

I'm currently size 34 G, weigh 130 pounds and am 5 foot 3 tall. I'm looking to go down to around a C cup. Will I weigh less after the surgery... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Candidate? G to C Possible?

I am a 32 G cup. I am 5'1 and weigh 145 lbs. Is it ok to get a breast reduction down to a C cup? READ MORE

What if I don't like the surgeon I got authorized for my Breast Reduction? (photos)

My name is Rachel and I am 20 years old. I am 5'3 and weight about 165 lbs with 36G breasts. I am planning to lose weight, and even at about... READ MORE

I Am 5'7 150 Pounds and Want to Get a Breast Reduction from 40 Inches (30 G) to Possible a C?

I am 5'7 150 pounds and want to get a breast reduction from 40 inches (30 G) to possible a C cup. My measurements are 40-28.5-35. The size of my chest... READ MORE

G to C Reasonable For a 160lbs, 6'6?

Hi, I am 22. 160lbs and 6'6. I am currently a G cup and would like to go down to a C. Is that a reasonable size to go down to? READ MORE

Breast reduction: Should I lose weight before or after?

I am having a reduction in March. I hope to go from a saggy, uneven 32g to something like a perky c. My breasts change size and shape considerably... READ MORE

Hi, I am 5'4 inches tall and weigh 147. I currently am a 34g. Would a C cup be achievable?

I was just wondering what size ideally should I be after my breast reduction. I know that there are no guarantees to the size I end up, but I would... READ MORE

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