DD To B Cup + Breast Reduction

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Breast Reduction from DD Cup to B Achievable?

I wear a DD bra. I am a heavy woman at 200 lbs and am 5'7 tall. I am 41 years old and want to go to a B cup. My back is killing me, my neck hurts and... READ MORE

I'm Losing Weight but Not in My Breasts, Is a Breast Reduction My Only Option to go from DD to B Cup?

I am 5'4" and I weight 160. I have been losing weight but I am not losing any of the weight in my breasts. i just want to know is having a... READ MORE

Possible to Reduce my 38DD breasts to a B cup? I'm 5'6 and Weigh 160 Lbs.

I am 35 years old. I am 5'6 and wiegh 160lbs. I am a 38DD and am want to find out if I have a breast reduction I could be reduced to a B cup. READ MORE

19 Year Old, with 34DD Breasts(almost E Cup)?

I'm 19 years old, 5"2 and 120 pounds. I have very large breasts that leave my back in constant pain and my neck also. I was wondering if it was safe... READ MORE

Is a breast reduction from a 34DD to a 34B plausible with insurance? (photos)

Hi, I'm 4'11" and 19 years old. I'm a 34DD and I have extreme back pain, its impossible to even get through a full day of work and class without... READ MORE

Numbness in Breast After 4 Years Surgery(breast Reduction) ?

I have had a breast surgery (breast reduction) back in nov '09, so its been almost 4 years. I went from a double D to a B cup. But I still do not have... READ MORE

Possible to Reduce Breasts from 38DD to B Cup?

Hi, i am 20 yrs old, 5'3" and weigh 148lb. i plan to get a breast reduction nxt year, i want to be a B cup so i will be able and comfortable in... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for breast reduction surgery? (photos)

I'm 17 years old, 5'1" and weigh 112 pounds. I wear a size 34DD and recently have been contimplating undergoing breast reduction surgery in order to... READ MORE

I'm 17 Years Old. Can I Go from a DD to a B?

I'm a size zero pants size, I'm 5"1, but I feel like my breast are way too large for my body and I get too much negative attention. The... READ MORE

Does GEHA Cover Breast Reduction?

I'm a 46 yr old 5'0" female weighing 116 lbs. I'm a 36DD and would like to reduce to a 36B. I've experienced all the symptoms;... READ MORE

DD to B Cup? Is That Possible? Safe? Horribly Scarring?

I'm 22 and about 115 lbs. That being said, I wear a 32DD. I am horribly uncomfortable with the size of my bust and would like to feel as though my... READ MORE

Can I get a breast reduction to very small B-cup? (Photo)

I am 168cm tall (5'6ft) and 70kg (~150lb) and I currently wear a european 75E (34E) - 80DD (36DD) really depending on the brand. I was an F for a... READ MORE

Is it safe for a 24-year-old to get a second breast reduction and go from a DD - B cup? (photos)

I had my first breast reduction 4 years ago (privately in the Czech Republic). I am a small framed woman (5'2 and currently 120 lbs) and after the... READ MORE

Regrowth After Breast Reduction. Am I a Candidate for a Revision?

Hello. I had a breast reduction in December 2010 (T Incision). I went from a DD to B. I am 19,107 lbs, 5' 2".I study dance in school and... READ MORE

I am trying to get more information about a breast reduction, as I have been considering it for years now. (Photo)

I am 23 years old, about 5'1 and currently weigh 160 lbs, with a DD cup size. If I lose weight I might be a D cup; I'd like to be a B cup. I've had... READ MORE

How small can I go from a 36DD for a breast reduction?

I am 17 year old female. I am 5"7/5"8 - 156 pounds with 36DD. How small can I go? Is it safe and reasonable to go to a B? I am not stick thin but I... READ MORE

I Am 45yo, 5'8 and 178lbs, Sporty/muscular, 36DD. Would Really Like a B Cup, Is It Possible?

I want and feel like i should be a B(+) for all the activities i do. Is that realistic or is a C- what i'll probably end up with? would really... READ MORE

Im Want a Breast Reduction and I Have DD Cup and Want to Go to a B Cup Size and I Am Athletic? What Are My Options?

Im Want a Breast Reduction and I Have DD Cup and Want to Go to a B Cup Size and I Am Athletic? READ MORE

Can I get down to my pre mommy breast size? (photos)

Hello! I'm a Mother of 2 boys, 29 years old who breastfeed. I'm currently a DD but wanting to get back to a Perky Large B, small C that I was before... READ MORE

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