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About breast reduction cream and capsule?

Recently I came across "cute B cream" for breast reduction.How harmless and harmful it is? What kind of side effects may it possess? Company claims... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction about 1 month ago. Both breasts have wounds that opened at the "T" zone of the anchor scar. (Photo)

One has grown to 1" x 1 1/2". This seems huge to me. What can I do? Will it heal on its own? My Dr. Just says keep it moist with Silver Sulfadine cream. READ MORE

Does this incision need more attention? (Photo)

My incision on my left breast has opened alot in the last three weeks since my breast reduction a month ago, September 15th, my surgeon told me to... READ MORE

Can I start taping a scar after 4 months?

I had breast reduction surgery 4 months ago and was only taped up for 2 weeks. Since then I've been massaging scar cream in and silicone. However the... READ MORE

Is Applying Cream to the Nipple Normal After Breast Reduction?

I had a breast reduction and nipple graft on June 28, 2013. I had my post op on July 3rd. My doctor stated everything is healing great and gave me a... READ MORE

My doctor gave me SSD, a cream with silver in it to aid in the healing of my right breast nipple. Is this normal?

I had a breast reduction 3 wks ago. 1st week post op, I noticed the nipple was not healing well and there was some small drainage every day near the... READ MORE

3 days post Breast Reduction, when I should start massaging and putting scar cream on my breasts?

I still have drains in until tomorrow and I have my dressings on. Should I wait until that is all removed and ask my doctor tomorrow? Does messaging... READ MORE

How soon after Breast reduction surgery can I begin using scar creams? (Photo)

I had my surgery on December 12th and Ive been healing very well. I no longer have any pain, just a semi large lump in my left breast which my surgeon... READ MORE

How can I get the most minimal scarring when I have my breast reduction?

I want to make sure I do everything possible to make my scars fade away after my breast reduction. I know that they will always be there but I want... READ MORE

2.5 weeks post op Breast reduction, my incisions have opened. Will this make my scars bigger where the incision has opened?

I am 2 weeks and 4 days post opt of my breast reduction surgery. I have parts where my incisions have opened, although I do not have an infection. My... READ MORE

I am looking to get a breast reduction, will I be able to go from a 38DDD/E to a small or true C? (Photos)

I am 19, 5ft 6in and weigh 220lbs, I am an athlete so I do carry some muscle but i am wondering with these stats if i can go from DDD/E to C... READ MORE

Nipples Appear Lost After Breast Reduction

I had a brest reduction and it looks like i have no nipples. is there anything i can use to help it - oil cream or something? i've looked at a lot of... READ MORE

Is there anything positive you can tell me? I'm stressing so bad 4 weeks post op (Photo)

4 weeks post op major breast reduction left nipple looks great right nipple and areola looks awful dr won't give me any answers I'm using santyl cream... READ MORE

Is there any way to non-surgically reduce breast size? (Photo)

Do any pills or cream work to reduce brest size?will it be helpful somehow?if no,then is there any kind of home remedy,workout,yoga,diet chart or any... READ MORE

I am 5 weeks post augmented mastopexy with lollipop scar, I'm worried I have an infection in right incision? (photos)

Both breasts are slightly red at the bottom due to a hot bath. However one of the scabs on my right breast fell off and there was some discharge so... READ MORE

Can I get to 34B? And am I good candidate? Think insurance will cover?

I'm a 34 DDD 5'8 158 lbs 27.5 cm from collar bone to nipple I have wanted smaller breasts since I was 16. I have all the same problems/symptoms as all... READ MORE

Is this an infection on my incision? After almost 4 weeks breast reduction surgery (photos)

Breast Reduction (lollipop or vertical incision) infection and opened wound separation. I am cleaning the infected incision every day, and putting an... READ MORE

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