Bandage + Breast Reduction

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Ace bandage after Breast Reduction, is it safe?

I was wondering is it safe to be bandages in ace after a procedure. And what type of bra should be bought if you are not providing one from the hospital? READ MORE

Unbearably Itchy 9 Days Post Op! BR/Lipo to Abd/flanks Fat Grafting to Buttocks?

I have a latex allergy. I started using the Johnson & Johnson brand non-stick pads and when I took the bandages off the inflammation was almost... READ MORE

I'm Having a Breast Reduction and Lift, Tummy Tuck and Liposuction on my Inner Thighs 9/17? How Long Will I Be in Bandages?

I want to go down to a 34 DD and get my waist down to 29 in. I currently am 65" tall and weigh 169. I'm 44 years old. Is that safe an possible? READ MORE

Can I go swimming 10 weeks after a breast reduction? (photos)

I had a breast reduction 10 weeks ago and the incisions on the right breast have completely closed but the left breast hasn't. My family is going on... READ MORE

How to re-bandage breasts after reduction?

Hi! I just had my surgery about 48 hours ago and just took my bandages off as directed by my doctor. However, I am having trouble bandaging the area... READ MORE

10 days PO breast reduction and lift with foul odor. Should I change my bandage?

My sterile strips are coming off of the bottom of my breast and there is a fowl odor coming from them that i cannot stand. I called my doctor and I... READ MORE

5 days post op, should I be worried? Is it to soon to tell? Hoping it just needs more time to catch up? (photo)

See Dr again in 2 days. BR 5 days ago. Wrapped in ace bandage. Pain from left worse fom start. dr said did more work on that side. Seen Dr 3 days... READ MORE

Why wet to dry debridement?

After researching my wound treatment options it appears that wet to dry bandages is a very painful process and can rip out good tissue along with the... READ MORE

When do the dressings come off?

When do the bandages come of after surgery READ MORE

Just took surgical tape off. Not sure if incisions are healing correctly. Is it worth calling my doctor? (Photo)

Had my surgery 12/16, followed up a week later to take the bandages off, a week after that and now I don't see him until the end of April. The tape... READ MORE

Am I panicking for nothing? 5 days post-op breast reduction, fearing for my nipples. (Photo)

I am post-op 5 days. Things mostly feel fine, I've had little pain (though plenty of itching). I called about my bandages yesterday and they said... READ MORE

I'm 8 weeks out of surgery & very dissatisfied with my surgeon. I'm not going back. How can I seek a new doctor post op?(photo)

I am 8 weeks out of surgery from a breast reduction/lift and mini tummy tuck. I have had terrible nerve pain in the abdominal area. My surgeon has not... READ MORE

Is sea salt ok on the wound site?

I am post op BR 7 days and one breast is really oozing rather a lot. I am on an antibiotic though show no signs per my surgeon of infection and she is... READ MORE

If I have a shower, do I have to continue to put the pads ace bandages and bra on?

Do I have to continue to use all three or Can get rid of the pads or ace bandages. Or should I keep them for added protection. READ MORE

Instructions for showering after Breast Reduction?

Its been 3 days since my breast reduction. Can I shower? Can I get my bandages wet and does it matter what soap I use? Does the water temperature... READ MORE

Is my body rejecting absorbing stitches? I've been on antibiotics for a week. Should it be calming down if was an infection?

Breast reduction surgery 5 weeks ago. Have small pencil eraser sized hole at the bottom of the "anchor" at the joining point. Doing wet to dry bandage... READ MORE

I need clear instructions on showering protocol following breast reduction surgery for the first week.

I had an ace compression bandage and drainage tubes for 48 hours. My plastic surgeon did not place steri strips and I am currently putting absorbing... READ MORE

Intense nipple itching after breast reduction. Do I have to keep putting ointment and bandages on this open scar? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction 4 weeks ago. My nipple itch like crazy. I don't have a rash, no tape, no new medication. Do I have to keep putting ointment... READ MORE

Recovery process after breast reduction infection?

I HAD A BREAST REDUCTION ON JUNE 26 ( SO ITS BEEN 1 MONTH NOW) AFTER 2 weeks I went to see my doctor because one of my breast was bleeding this... READ MORE

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