Bandage + Breast Reduction

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Ace bandage after Breast Reduction, is it safe?

I was wondering is it safe to be bandages in ace after a procedure. And what type of bra should be bought if you are not providing one from the hospital? READ MORE

Can I go swimming 10 weeks after a breast reduction? (photos)

I had a breast reduction 10 weeks ago and the incisions on the right breast have completely closed but the left breast hasn't. My family is going on... READ MORE

How to re-bandage breasts after reduction?

Hi! I just had my surgery about 48 hours ago and just took my bandages off as directed by my doctor. However, I am having trouble bandaging the area... READ MORE

Unbearably Itchy 9 Days Post Op! BR/Lipo to Abd/flanks Fat Grafting to Buttocks?

I have a latex allergy. I started using the Johnson & Johnson brand non-stick pads and when I took the bandages off the inflammation was almost... READ MORE

I'm Having a Breast Reduction and Lift, Tummy Tuck and Liposuction on my Inner Thighs 9/17? How Long Will I Be in Bandages?

I want to go down to a 34 DD and get my waist down to 29 in. I currently am 65" tall and weigh 169. I'm 44 years old. Is that safe an possible? READ MORE

10 days PO breast reduction and lift with foul odor. Should I change my bandage?

My sterile strips are coming off of the bottom of my breast and there is a fowl odor coming from them that i cannot stand. I called my doctor and I... READ MORE

Instructions for showering after Breast Reduction?

Its been 3 days since my breast reduction. Can I shower? Can I get my bandages wet and does it matter what soap I use? Does the water temperature... READ MORE

Just took surgical tape off. Not sure if incisions are healing correctly. Is it worth calling my doctor? (Photo)

Had my surgery 12/16, followed up a week later to take the bandages off, a week after that and now I don't see him until the end of April. The tape... READ MORE

Why wet to dry debridement?

After researching my wound treatment options it appears that wet to dry bandages is a very painful process and can rip out good tissue along with the... READ MORE

When do the dressings come off?

When do the bandages come of after surgery READ MORE

5 days post op, should I be worried? Is it to soon to tell? Hoping it just needs more time to catch up? (photo)

See Dr again in 2 days. BR 5 days ago. Wrapped in ace bandage. Pain from left worse fom start. dr said did more work on that side. Seen Dr 3 days... READ MORE

Cleaning incisions after BR?

My PS said I can shower after 48hrs after surgery then apply ointment and gauze. How often should I bathe/change bandages? READ MORE

My breast are very uneven after my breast reduction... Is this something I should be worried about? (Photos)

I just had a breast reduction four days ago and my surgeon told me I could remove the bandages two days ago... I've noticed that they are two... READ MORE

Why do I have open wounds after my Breast reduction surgery?? (photos)

I had breast reduction surgery 23 days ago. I went two weeks later to my PS to remove the bandages and there was a small open wound and he just put a... READ MORE

Am I panicking for nothing? 5 days post-op breast reduction, fearing for my nipples. (Photo)

I am post-op 5 days. Things mostly feel fine, I've had little pain (though plenty of itching). I called about my bandages yesterday and they said... READ MORE

I'm 8 weeks out of surgery & very dissatisfied with my surgeon. I'm not going back. How can I seek a new doctor post op?(photo)

I am 8 weeks out of surgery from a breast reduction/lift and mini tummy tuck. I have had terrible nerve pain in the abdominal area. My surgeon has not... READ MORE

One of my incisions is exposing breast fat tissue and has some green discharge. (photo)

I had my breast reduction a little over a month ago and was healing well. My right breast has kind of split open where the lower incision come... READ MORE

Why did my PS tell me to not wear a bra after my breast reduction surgery?

I woke up from surgery expecting to be in bandages or in a surgical bra, but it was neither. I had dressings and tape over the areas that were working... READ MORE

Intense nipple itching after breast reduction. Do I have to keep putting ointment and bandages on this open scar? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction 4 weeks ago. My nipple itch like crazy. I don't have a rash, no tape, no new medication. Do I have to keep putting ointment... READ MORE

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