4 Days Post-op + Breast Reduction

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4 Days Post Op Breast Reduction Bruising; Should I Be Concerned?

I have some very large (covering almost a 1/4 of breast), very dark purple bruising unlike any I have seen in post op pics from others who have had a... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Not Wear a Surgical Bra or a Sports Bra After a Breast Reduction?

I just had a breast reduction (from a h to a c) four days ago. I went for an Appointment today and he took the drains out and the bandages off and... READ MORE

After Breast Reduction Will my Breasts Shrink More?

I just had reduction 4 days ago. I was a 36DD. I requested a full C. I am 5'5"1/2 and weigh 160. I hope that I picked the right size. I am regretting... READ MORE

Swelling and Tingling After Breast Reduction

I am 4 days post op breast reduction and have noticed increased swelling in my breasts. My breasts are tight, high, & very tingly. Its... READ MORE

Is it normal for incision sites to leak puss after surgery?

I am 4 days post op and I just noticed some discharge coming from one of the incisions under my breast. It is just a little bit and it doesn't hurt. I... READ MORE

4 Days After Breast Reduction and in my Left Breast I Have a Feeling Almost Like a Vibration?

In my left breast I feel something that feels almost like a cell phone vibrating on really low. Is this normal? Do I need to call my doctor? It does... READ MORE

How long after a breast reduction can I start to massage them?

I had a breast reduction on Jan 27, 2015 and they are hard and hurt. They also itch very bad and when I rub them I feel some pain relief. I am... READ MORE

Can breast reduction surgery affect the menstrual cycle?

I had the surgery 4 days ago and I got my period today. I should not have gotten it this early, a I just had it 3 weeks ago. Im worried that it may be... READ MORE

Petechial Rash on belly and neck 4 days post surgery. (photo)

I took 1/2 of my regular norco prescription (10/325) last night to help get to sleep. It was the only pain med I took all day. Shortly after, I... READ MORE

When will swelling and squared look go away after breast reduction surgery?

My breast reduction surgery was done on 6/24/2015. They are all bruised and swollen but what bothers me is they have a square shape and are very... READ MORE

Air in Chest After Breast Reduction?

I'm post-op Day 4 for a BR. Above my left breast, there is an area that is very tender and hard. It feels like an implant is in there. Of course it's... READ MORE

Will the puckering/rippling resolve with time? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction 4 days ago and went from a 38F down to what looks like a C or smaller to me. I had asked for a full D. My biggest concern is... READ MORE

How long do you need to wait to get your nipples pierced after a breast reduction?

I got a breast reduction about 4 days ago and I'm wondering how long do I have to wait until it's safe to get my nipples pierced. READ MORE

4 days post op Breast Reduction, I haven't had bowel movements. Any suggestions?

I just had a breast reduction 4 days ago. However, I haven't had a bowel movement in almost a week...I know the medicine causes constipation. When... READ MORE

Are my breasts too high? (Photo)

Hi , I'm just 4 days post op. And it seems like there is more tissue on the top and less on the bottom. I did have a lollipop surgery, but my breasts... READ MORE

34DD original size, 4 Days post op breast reduction, confused about incision scars. Half anchor scar technique? (Photo)

My surgeon performed a bilateral reduction mammaplasty, he'd drawn me a picture explaining the anchor technique. The scar he explained went around my... READ MORE

Breast Reduction - How Will It Be After?

I was a 36C/34D. I am 5'6 and I weigh 125pd. I asked for a breast reduction to minimize the pains I have been having on my neck/back but I did ask for... READ MORE

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