10 Days Post-op + Breast Reduction

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What to Do for Severe Itching After Breast Reduction Surgery?

I had BR surgery 11 days ago and have been suffering from extreme itching for the last couple of days. My incisions look to be healing very nice. Most... READ MORE

I Am 11 Days Post Op Breast Reduction. My Chest is Sore in Ways It Wasn't Before. Should I Worry? (photo)

I have had a great recovery thus far, but I am starting to feel deep pain above mg breasts. Could this be from simply becoming more active? Also, my... READ MORE

Post Op Breast Reduction-steri Strips Have All Fallen off? (photo)

Hi, I am about 10 days post op from a breast reduction and within the first week all of my post surgical tape/steri strips have fallen off. There... READ MORE

11 Days Post Breast Reduction and I Have What Looks Like Dog Ears?

I went to get my dressings changed today and revealed where what seems to be two dog ears both on the inside of my incisions (cleavage). Even my nurse... READ MORE

I Had Breast Reduction 10 Days Ago. What is Wrong with the Bottom of my Breasts? Is This Double Bubble? No Implants! (photo)

I Had Breast Reduction 10 Days Ago. What is Wrong with the Bottom of my Breasts? Is This Double Bubble? but I Had No Implants! READ MORE

How Long Can You Keep a Drain I After Breast Surgery?

I had a breast reduction 10 days ago. One drain was removed the other not. It is still draining at least 20cc a day is this normal? How long can you... READ MORE

Infection in incision? (Photo)

Had breast reduction 11 days ago, until now there had been no discharge or major discomfort, today i have seen oozing blood/pus (i think) and... READ MORE

Does this look like it's getting infected underneath the nipple? Should I see my doctor sooner or is the redness normal? (photo)

Hi. I am 10 days post op and I have noticed redness on my scars on my left breast under the nipple today while changing my tapes. I have had a small... READ MORE

How Long Until I Am "Out of the Woods" for Wound Separation?

I am 10 days post op. My tape has been removed and things look good so far. My question is how long after surgery does the potential complication of... READ MORE

Laying on my side 10 days post op?

Is it OK to lay on my side when I sleep at night. My left breast is really sore and the incision line is hard and hurts when I touch it. But the... READ MORE

Lollipop breast reduction, day 10. Yellowish substance forming over an open area. Could it be infected? (photo)

I had a "lollipop" breast reduction 10 days ago and had some sutures removed 1 week post op. About 2 days ago I noticed the stitches under my right... READ MORE

I Am 10 Days Post Op for Breast Reduction, And 1 Breast Is Painful, Should I Worry?

Over all I feel like I am wearing a metal bra(madonna circa 1995.My right breast has no real pain at all but the left one hurts.I have limited my RX... READ MORE

Why Did my Breasts Open Underneath Leaving a Deep Hole?

I received a breast reduction 10 days ago. Now I have a deep open hole under both breasts. I want to know if they can be can be closed. The doctor... READ MORE

Flat Breast After Reduction? (photo)

I had a breast reduction 2-26 and I am to be a B cup but my breast are very flat, is this normal? my doc said they will fill in but I am worried after... READ MORE

What Harm Am I Causing by Lifting Heavy Items After Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction post op 1wk 4 days. Instructed by MD not to lift 5lbs or greater for 6 wks. I've ready made a habit in picking & pulling items... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Post Op Day 11, Nipples Not Healing Same Way?

I had breast reduction surgery 11 days ago. One of my nipples seems healty and normal. It faces outside. But the other one feels dry, sunk into... READ MORE

I Am 9 Days Post-op from a Breast Reduction and I Still Have Lots of Drainage. Is This Normal? (photo)

My surgeon does not use drains. My breast are very swollen and I have to change dressings 3 or 4 times a day. Is this okay. I called two days ago and... READ MORE

I Have Breast Reducion 10 Days Ago and Today I Have a New Sport Bra and It Feel Really Tight is OK to Wear This Bra?

I have breast reducion 10 days ago and today i have a new sport bra and it feel really tight is OK to wear this bra? READ MORE

How to diminish the itching underneath the steri-strips and surrounding areas?

This is my 2nd BR (last one 20 yrs ago). I'm post-op 10 days now but initially I had a severe reaction to the adhesive (welts that blistered over... READ MORE

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