1 Year Post-op + Breast Reduction

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Are Abnormal Mammogram Results Common for Women Who Have Undergone Breast Reductions?

I underwent my breast reduction in July 2010 and I had my first post op mammogram last week (I informed the Tech of my BR). Unfortunately, I was... READ MORE

Nipples Sore One Year After Breast Reduction Surgery, What can I Do?

I had a breast reduction a year ago. I'm African American so I got keloids around my nipples and under my breast as well. The keloids hurt from... READ MORE

Is This Normal After Breast Reduction? (photo)

Hello, I wanted to ask about breast reduction results. I am 1 year post op. My breasts came out too small but my PS says i will get used to them. I... READ MORE

After Breast Reduction

I had a reduction done over a year ago and I recently have been having sharp pains as if the breast tissue is riping. Should this be happening or is... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Caused Keloid or Hypertropic Scars. What Do I Do? (photo)

Exactly a year ago I had a breast reduction. I asked the PS several times regarding what should I use after my surgery. He sugguested nothing. After... READ MORE

Can General Anesthesia Cause Kidney Damage?

Had br surgery about a year ago, 2 months later fell ill with kidney problems. Took meds for it but the it doesn't subside. Also had an ed, bulimia... READ MORE

Sore Nipples 15 Months After a Breast Reduction. Can't Breastfeed my Son, Too Painful!

I had a breast reduction 15 months ago. I've just had my first child and am trying to breast feed, but my nipples are so sensitive I am brought to... READ MORE

What Is Raised Lump Near the Scar(areola) That is About the Size of a BB &hard?

I am a year post op from a mastopexy, a few days ago I noticed a strange looking area on my breast right by my scar line when I felt it it was a hard... READ MORE

Play Sports And Was Wondering If Having A Second Breast Reduction Is An Option.

Hello, 14 months ago I underwent a breast reduction and went from a double DD in my right breast and DDD in my left breast down to a full C small D in... READ MORE

It Has Been Almost a Year Since Breast Reduction Surgery...I Went from 38 F to 36 C. My Question is About the Shape?

Breast Reduction 1 year ago.... wondering if the under arm disfigurement where stitches ended can be fixed ...and also if the flat part of my breast... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation After Breast Reduction

I had breast reduction surgery a year year and a half ago and since then have had dark patches of skin around the scars... i am very self conscious... READ MORE

What can I do to treat these scars? I am one year post breast reduction surgery. (Photo)

For the past year since surgery I've recieved kenalog injections and used silicone sheeting. Recently I've used kelocote. I am first concerned with... READ MORE

I want a revision ASAP! BR 1 year post op! What do I need to ask for in a revision!? (photos)

What do I need to ask for in a revision!? I want them to match! Help! 1 year post op breast reduction! The right feels saggy, flat, and like it's in... READ MORE

Nipples seem too high following breast reduction 1 year ago? (Photo)

I had my reduction surgery a year ago now (June 2013) and now it seems like my nipples are too high. I've read about "bottoming out" and wondering if... READ MORE

It Has Been a Year and my One Breast is Still Draining and Bleeding What Should I Do?

I had a breast reduction 1 year ago a tiny spot on the right nipple area wont heal still drains and bleeds ,she operated a second time and it healed... READ MORE

Can blood flow be increased after having a breast reduction with free nipple graft? (Photo)

In 2013 I had a breast reduction. I was told that the free nipple graft MAY need to be done only as a last resort if there was an issue with blood... READ MORE

1 year post op, is it possible to get breast cancer from the Breast Reduction surgery?

I had a breast reduction a year ago and i recently was doing a self mammogram and discovered a lump in one of my breast, it doesn't hurt or anything... READ MORE

What can be done to improve /lessen the appearance of my scars? (photos)

I had a reduction a year ago. My scars come up TOO HIGH near my armpits. I look as though I've been butchered. One breast is also much smaller than... READ MORE

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