1 Year Post-op + Breast Reduction

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Are Abnormal Mammogram Results Common for Women Who Have Undergone Breast Reductions?

I underwent my breast reduction in July 2010 and I had my first post op mammogram last week (I informed the Tech of my BR). Unfortunately, I was... READ MORE

Is This Normal After Breast Reduction? (photo)

Hello, I wanted to ask about breast reduction results. I am 1 year post op. My breasts came out too small but my PS says i will get used to them. I... READ MORE

Nipples Sore One Year After Breast Reduction Surgery, What can I Do?

I had a breast reduction a year ago. I'm African American so I got keloids around my nipples and under my breast as well. The keloids hurt from... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Caused Keloid or Hypertropic Scars. What Do I Do? (photo)

Exactly a year ago I had a breast reduction. I asked the PS several times regarding what should I use after my surgery. He sugguested nothing. After... READ MORE

After Breast Reduction

I had a reduction done over a year ago and I recently have been having sharp pains as if the breast tissue is riping. Should this be happening or is... READ MORE

Can General Anesthesia Cause Kidney Damage?

Had br surgery about a year ago, 2 months later fell ill with kidney problems. Took meds for it but the it doesn't subside. Also had an ed, bulimia... READ MORE

It Has Been Almost a Year Since Breast Reduction Surgery...I Went from 38 F to 36 C. My Question is About the Shape?

Breast Reduction 1 year ago.... wondering if the under arm disfigurement where stitches ended can be fixed ...and also if the flat part of my breast... READ MORE

What Is Raised Lump Near the Scar(areola) That is About the Size of a BB &hard?

I am a year post op from a mastopexy, a few days ago I noticed a strange looking area on my breast right by my scar line when I felt it it was a hard... READ MORE

What can I do to treat these scars? I am one year post breast reduction surgery. (Photo)

For the past year since surgery I've recieved kenalog injections and used silicone sheeting. Recently I've used kelocote. I am first concerned with... READ MORE

Play Sports And Was Wondering If Having A Second Breast Reduction Is An Option.

Hello, 14 months ago I underwent a breast reduction and went from a double DD in my right breast and DDD in my left breast down to a full C small D in... READ MORE

Sore Nipples 15 Months After a Breast Reduction. Can't Breastfeed my Son, Too Painful!

I had a breast reduction 15 months ago. I've just had my first child and am trying to breast feed, but my nipples are so sensitive I am brought to... READ MORE

Nipples seem too high following breast reduction 1 year ago? (Photo)

I had my reduction surgery a year ago now (June 2013) and now it seems like my nipples are too high. I've read about "bottoming out" and wondering if... READ MORE

I want a revision ASAP! BR 1 year post op! What do I need to ask for in a revision!? (photos)

What do I need to ask for in a revision!? I want them to match! Help! 1 year post op breast reduction! The right feels saggy, flat, and like it's in... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation After Breast Reduction

I had breast reduction surgery a year year and a half ago and since then have had dark patches of skin around the scars... i am very self conscious... READ MORE

Burning In Breast 1 Year After Breast Reduction Normal?

I am one year post op from my breast reduction surgery. I experienced some shooting pain the first 6months after surgery, I assumed the pain was my... READ MORE

1 year post op, is it possible to get breast cancer from the Breast Reduction surgery?

I had a breast reduction a year ago and i recently was doing a self mammogram and discovered a lump in one of my breast, it doesn't hurt or anything... READ MORE

Can blood flow be increased after having a breast reduction with free nipple graft? (Photo)

In 2013 I had a breast reduction. I was told that the free nipple graft MAY need to be done only as a last resort if there was an issue with blood... READ MORE

What can be done to improve /lessen the appearance of my scars? (photos)

I had a reduction a year ago. My scars come up TOO HIGH near my armpits. I look as though I've been butchered. One breast is also much smaller than... READ MORE

It Has Been a Year and my One Breast is Still Draining and Bleeding What Should I Do?

I had a breast reduction 1 year ago a tiny spot on the right nipple area wont heal still drains and bleeds ,she operated a second time and it healed... READ MORE

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