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Why is it that breasts appear square with an anchor lift? Is it the PS technique that makes it look that way?

Which breast lift technique makes the breast appear square? I have noticed that the anchor lift makes the breast appear square and with the lollipop... READ MORE

Are These results Normal? (photo)

Had breast lift with saline implants under the muscle along with lipo to the underarm areas. My breasts are looking sort of "square" at the sides . Is... READ MORE

I Had a Breast Lift Without Implants 16 Days Ago. My Breasts Look Very Square Now? (photo)

16 days ago I had a full breast lift after having implants removed. My breasts have taken on a very square look and they are very firm all around the... READ MORE

What's Up with the Square Shape I See from Lifts Without Implants? San Francisco Bay Area?

Contemplating a lift without implants but so many photos I see are of breasts that end up with a square-ish shape to the bottom. They often look... READ MORE

Breast Lift

I want to have a breast lift done but I have been looking at a lot of the women on this site and there's a few things that concern me. 1. What causes... READ MORE

I Can Feel my Implants at the Sides of my Breast and the Skin is a Bit Loose? (photo)

Hi, I had a breast reduction about 7mths ago and have noticed that the edge of my implants are slightly visible, especially my right and the breast... READ MORE

4 weeks post BL with small implant. Why are my breasts square, and will the shape improve? (Photo)

Hi, Plse note I have got tape on and also I seem to be standing at an angle, they are infact even and nipples at the same height. My problem is my... READ MORE

My breast looks square 1 bigger than another after surgery. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had breast lift and proteses 250 and 275 ml and tummy tuck. I had the surgery 15days ago. They look ugky, diferent size and square. I wonder if will... READ MORE

Will my breast go back to "normal"?

I had a breast lift w/o implants 5weeks ago. The dr also did as slight reduction in one breast. That breast is a strange shape -- kind of squarish and... READ MORE

I feel need further surgery to correct (photos)

I had an uplift with fold uplift I feel the result has left me with square empty breasts. I need some revision surgery but not sure as what if I... READ MORE

Is there any way to avoid square boobs after a lift? What makes you more or less likely to have this effect?

So I've been looking into getting a breast lift for some time now. I'm 18 and I've pretty much always had somewhat saggy boobs. I really want to get a... READ MORE

Why are my breast two different shapes after lift? (photo)

I had a breast life four weeks ago and I wanted to get some opinions on how my breasts may settle. I am fine and well aware they are different sizes,... READ MORE

Follow-up: Breast lift almost 4 weeks ago worried about flatness. (Photos)

I asked a question about this two weeks ago, but to get a more correct answer i have added a photo this time. (Breast lift on the right without... READ MORE

Just had an anchor breast lift and I'm scared, does this look normal after surgery? (Photo)

Does this look normal they are square from the bottom and nipples look uneven READ MORE

Is this size and shape normal after Breast lift?

I had a breast lift 4 weeks ago I am wondering if this is normal after breast lift having squared squish Breast I used to be 38 DDD and know looks... READ MORE

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