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6 weeks post op of Breast Lift, are dissolvable stitches supposed to be tender and painful when they are dissolving?

Are dissolvable stitches used In a breast lift 6 weeks post op supposed to be tender and painful when they are dissolving? I have also had many... READ MORE

I Am Almost 2 Years out from a Lift and Augmentation and Still Splitting Stitches?

My surgery healed great then I developed a small opening on the arellano line. Very much like spitting stitches but I am almost 2years out. The spot... READ MORE

Normal For Dr. To Recommend Breast Lift First Then Another Surgery For Aug?

How common is it to have two separate procedures? First a breast lift then a minimal augmentation? Why can't this be done in one surgery? I'm... READ MORE

Should I have an exposed spitting stitch removed if it doesn't hurt?

I am post op breast lift and augmentatation 4 weeks and have a spitting stitch. I originally thought it was an external stitch so I used a splinter... READ MORE

Is Clindamycin HCL the appropriate treatment for breast infection?

Hello, I am 7 weeks post op from a breast lift. I have been spitting stitches and once a week the PS has been removing them. I went in today because I... READ MORE

Why am I still spitting stitches ? How can this be Prevented ? (photos)

Had breast lift and reduction over 7 months ago . I have been sitting stitches every few months . The right breast more . In the beginning I even got... READ MORE

Severe reaction to breast lift. Skin split apart. Reaction started about 2 weeks after operation. Please help! (Photo)

The skin split apart at the wounds and wounds kept growing. I was treated with steroids, which took a while to slow down the reaction (about a month)... READ MORE

Best course of action for wound in T-incision area? (photos)

Approximately 10 days post-op from a breast lift (stitches had been removed 3 day prior, glue/tape strips were added for wound closure) I noticed a... READ MORE

8 Days Post Op Breast Lift - Left incision oozing blood, yellow puss forming. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had implantremoval and lift 8 days ago. The "T" of the left breast incision has been more red and irritated than the other. Small spot where the... READ MORE

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