Smoking + Breast Lift

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Increased Risks from Breast Lift for Smokers?

I am a 46-year-old female and am thinking about a breast lift but my only concern is that I am a smoker and the actual surgery itself scares me.... READ MORE

Reschedule Breast Lift and Augmentation Days After Quitting Smoking?

I am having a modified breast lift with breast implants next Wednesday. I only stopped smoking 4 days ago; should I reschedule? READ MORE

Should Breast Lift and Augmentation Be Postponed Because of Smoking?

I just quit smoking. My Breast lift and Breast implant surgery is in 9 days. Should I postpone my surgery? READ MORE

Smoking Before Breast Lift?

I am scheduled for a breast lift on May 21. When I went to the doctor in March he told me I needed to be cigarette-free for 4 weeks before surgery.... READ MORE

Does Smoking Increase the Chances of Staph Infection Following Bilateral Mastectomy?

Had a bilateral mastectomy 4/10/12 with expanders placed at the same time. Developed a severe staph infection in both breasts requiring 4 weeks of... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Having Cosmetic Surgery if You Smoke Rarely?

By the time I will have a tummy tuck/breast lift, I will be almost smoke-free for a month. I smoke 1-2 cigarettes per WEEK. Are my risks similar to... READ MORE

I'm smoking 1 cigarette a day 2 weeks after breast lift. Will this stop my healing process?

I had a breast lift on Oct 3 2014. I had been smoking free for 5 months. After 2 weeks post operation I started to have 1 cigarette a day. Is that... READ MORE

Why Do I Have to Stop Smoking for a Breast Lift?

I have had several surgerys in the past and healed just fine so why is a breast lift any different 2 doctors told me they would not have to move or... READ MORE

Smoking Socially Post Op Breast Lift?

I only smoke socially and generally only 1 day a week and not even every week. I had a anchor incision breast lift 10 days ago. Doctor said i was... READ MORE

I Stopped Smoking a Week Ago, my Breast Lift Surgery is in 6 Weeks. What Are my Risks?

Hello, I'm currently 160 pounds/5'6. I just stopped smoking a week ago (5 years of smoking). And currently on a diet. I am planning on having a breast... READ MORE

10 Day Post Op Breast Lift/small Reduction?

When is it completely safe to smoke again? ( not chain smoking) but just a few a month. Also today my incision scar seemed to bleed in one spot - but... READ MORE

Are There More Risks for a Former Smoker?

I'm 29 and want to have a breast lift with implants within the next few months. I am a former smoker (smoked for 9years) I quit 6 years ago. During my... READ MORE

Had Mastopexy surgery 6 days ago?

One nipple has been purple since day of surgery and the other is fine. I have been a smoker for a long time but cut back significantly before surgery.... READ MORE

7 days post op from maxtoplexy? (photo)

Left nipple purple since day of surgery. ... Yes I am a smoker. I cut back significantly but have smoked since surgery. Just wondering if nipple can... READ MORE

Smoking after wound separation (breast lift)? (Photo)

Hello, I'm 6 weeks post op and had a wound separation that me and my PS first notice when we removed the steri-strips after two weeks. I'm treating it... READ MORE

I do not smoke cigarettes but I do smoke marijuana. Could this have caused the dead tissue under my nipple?

I had a breast lift 8 days ago and now there is dead tissue under my left nipple. My doctor is going to remove the dead tissue & restitch me up. I... READ MORE

Can I smoke now post op 3 weeks breast lift? (photo)

I know smoking is bad but I'm now post op 3 weeks and 3 days breast lift and augmentation.when am I out of the clear for necrosis thank you? READ MORE

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