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How Much Incision Leakage is Normal After a Breast Lift and Augmentation?

I'm 5 days post-op (anchored incision). I'm having a cloudy bloody (not dark or light) leakage from the incision on my left downward incision... READ MORE

My Right Breast is Larger Than My Left and I Still Have a Lot of Pain? (photo)

My right breast is larger than my left and I still have a lot of pain- sometimes it's so bad I cannot lift my right arm. I recontacted my PS and he... READ MORE

4 weeks after breast lift, small pinhead hole and some leakage & redness. Should I be concerned? (Photo)

Hi Docs, I had my Breast life 4 weeks ago and healing fine until i notice some redness and orange &yellowish color under what looked like a small... READ MORE

Healing After Breast Uplift? (photo)

Hi, I am concerned about what the right course of action is in my case. I am two weeks post op and still am experiencing blood and fluid leaking from... READ MORE

Im Pooja of 20 Yr Old, I Feel One of my Breast is Small and One is Big?

I feel them different ..and also i found a water like liquid which was sticky coming out from my nipples ...pls help me out ..im tensed ... READ MORE

One Week Post Op Mastopexy with Implant, Leaking Areola on Left and Right Breast Larger Than Left?

As above my left aerola is leaking an oily slightly discoloured fluid and the nipple is red under neath and dark red /grey on top near the leak. My... READ MORE

Is This Amount of Draining Normal After a Breast Lift/Implant and Tuberous Breast Correction?

I had a breast lift and implant as well as tuberous breast correction preformed 16 days ago. My results so far are nothing short of completely... READ MORE

Stinging Sensation and Mild/light Leakage Around Nipple of a Dark Fluid?

I had a breast lift and breast implants done 2 and a half weeks ago.. just making sure this is normal or if i should be worried? READ MORE

Out of state patient & experiencing leakage under left breast 9 weeks post-op breast lift. Complication? (photos)

I am 9 weeks out from breast lift without implants. Today I noticed my bra was wet under my left breast. There was a slight yellowish tint to the... READ MORE

Leakage after breast lift with no implants!!! How does it look? (photos)

From day one of my surgery my left breast was more swollen. PS said its very normal I am about 4 weeks post op. As I was bathing on Sunday morning I... READ MORE

Breasts are very hot and swollen with some blood and yellow fluid leaking out. Is this normal?

5 days post op. Tape has started falling off vertical incision. No temperature. Some redness. READ MORE

Large hole at the end of my incision, which is raised swollen and bumpy. Is this normal? 4 wks post op breast lift. (photo)

Received a breast lift and reduction four weeks ago. Left breast is fine, right breast has some nipple healing issues but it's healing. Main issue is... READ MORE

Spitting stitch or infection? (Photo)

I had a breast uplift 9/5/17 so nearly 3 weeks post op. I noticed when I had my bandages removed 23/5/17 that a I was leaking clear/yellow substance.... READ MORE

Yellow leakage continues day 5 and 6 post op of a bilateral mastopexy anchor type?

I'm day 6 post from bilateral mastopexy Anchor type lift with dissolvable stitches and no drains performed by a board certified plastic surgeon. I am... READ MORE

What am I supposed to do post hematoma at this point? Do I need to take more medications? (Photo)

I had surgery on one breast to remove an hematome 4 days after a breast lift. Although the swelling have gone down the incision is not healing well... READ MORE

Is my fat necrosis resolved?

Lift with no reduction 1mo ago. 1 week after my procedure, left breast started to swell, open at the bottom and leak. The right started to leak a... READ MORE

After removal of a few breast ducts because of drainage and a small papilloma my discharge is worst. What could be happening?

I was experiencing nipple discharge from the right breast and only one duct. Had a mammogram done and it showed a small spot so my surgeon went in and... READ MORE

15 year old implants that have shifted and possibly a leak. Can an explant and lift be done at same time?

I have implants (under muscle) that I am looking to remove. Can a lift be done at the same time.? I was a36A and went to 36C.  READ MORE

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